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Refurbished Rack Servers | Types | Benefits

rack servers in India

Looking for the Best quality refurbished rack servers online with higher computing capabilities? Then buying a used Rack Server is the best and recommended option for you.

The best-refurbished server of HP, Dell, Cisco, Fujitsu, and IBM are available at an affordable price. It is a used server with three-level screening. Imagine the impressive performance that it delivers. 

Buy the refurbished servers at a very lower price. With the best discounts, you also get perks, such as instant technical help from our experts, instant delivery, and installation assistance. With us, get a refurbished server guarantee as it comes with an incredible 90 days warranty.

Computers, servers, and related products are generally expensive. Thus, buying a refurbished server saves money and lets you maintain it easily.

What are Rack Servers?

hp rack servers

Rack servers or rack-mount servers are generally used in medium and large-scale companies. The machine is named rack server because it is rectangularly placed one after the other. 

The servers are typically used to save space without compromising on quality. Rack servers are available in different capacities from various companies. Like other servers, it is designed to have a proper cooling system while using it from time to time.

The rack server price is generally reasonable. A refurbished Rack server is a computer that performs as a server in an installed framework, which is known as the Refurbished rack server. A rack may contain many Refurbished hardware mounting slots known as bays.

Why Use Rack Servers?

rack servers

Rack servers are generally placed one below the other for better convenience. It helps to diagnose the issue and look at the right rack for fixing effectively. The performance and the quality of the process increase to a large extent because of the placement and design. 

Rack servers are known for their convenience because technicians and operators can swap parts and work on the server quickly.

At a time, there can be many Refurbished servers on a single Refurbished rack, thereby making the best use of network resources and any space constriction. This type of Refurbished server configuration is also helpful in merely keeping the cabling. Hence, most Refurbished components are near to each other, and loss of signal, if any, can also be eliminated. 

However, for a Refurbished server of this type, it is essential to have some cooling mechanism so that the power dissipated by these heat-producing devices can be taken care of. There are many benefits of these Refurbished servers, some of which are discussed here.

Benefits of Rack Servers

Knowing the benefits of rack servers play a vital role because it helps you choose the right server for your company. Most companies prefer using rack servers because it helps them enhance performance without consuming a lot of space. 

In the refurbishment process, the refurbished servers are re-engineered, so their best working capability is revived. Our refurbished and used servers offer the same processing power and exceptional performance as the refurbished server.

 dell rack servers

  • Performance
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to Repair and replace parts


Performance is one of the essential factors for users when buying servers because of various reasons. Low maintenance and easy tracking allow users to enjoy the performance for an extended period.


Cost is a significant parameter while setting up servers and server rooms. The maintenance of the server room is expensive because of general requirements. Using rack servers saves plenty of savings, and therefore, one can reduce the cost of the server room and maintenance.

Easy to repair and replace parts

Repairing and replacing parts in the server is an everyday activity that needs to be done every once. Unlike other types of servers, rack servers enable a comfortable room for users to fix at any time.

Types of Rack Servers

There are various kinds of rack servers found in the market. It is time to know the difference between different kinds of servers in the rack segment. Most people prefer using rack servers because they can be used conveniently in fewer areas. 

Rack servers are generally seen among individuals who prefer easily carrying the machine. Rack servers are designed well and in a precise way because it allows people to choose based on their necessity.

Racks can be designed or constructed based on the requirement. There are different kinds of setups done, depending on the number of servers and their designated responsibility.

  • Server Racks or cabinet racks or equipment racks or 4Post racks
  • Open Frame racks (4post racks)
  • 2 Post racks (Relay racks, Telco racks)
  • Wall Mount racks
  • Portable racks
  • Transport racks

cisco rack servers

Why Buy Refurbished Rack Servers?

People and businesses generally buy refurbished rack servers online for a variety of purposes. Companies that are into refurbished multimedia operations require servers to maintain operations. Multimedia operations like 4D animation, photo editing, and many other types of work usually try to get rack servers. 

There is an affinity for this type of refurbished servers amongst internet service providers, LAN Home, and Hosting companies. A refurbished rack server can be fitted with a personal computer without any problem. Therefore, in addition to being useful, they take very little space to keep them safe on refurbished servers.

Businesses trust and buy refurbished rack servers because these all-brand servers can be kept in a home or office easily. Any type of threat from pests and climate can be eliminated. Refurbished Rack servers come in different so many types of sizes, depending on the height and refurbished configuration. 

According to the Electronic Industries Association, there are refurbished seven types of sizes, 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, and 7U. Choosing the best size depends on the requirement.

What is Xfurbish?

Xfurbish believes in recycling items to save the planet. We have been working on using recycled products without affecting the quality of work. 

Xfurbish is a marketplace that helps consumers to buy products from sellers directly. This not only helps sellers sell products but also allows buyers to purchase rare components at affordable prices. Xfurbish is in the market for a long time and has a list of reputed and trustworthy sellers. Therefore, it is safe to buy products without compromising on quality.

The firm offers various kinds of servers that allow users to compare different products before buying. Our options to verify the product and warranty terms enable users to buy without worrying about the end product.

Benefits of buying from Xfurbish

  • Standard Warranty 
  • Trustworthy sellers
  • Reputed organization
  • Organized Marketplace

Why Buy Refurbished Rack Servers from Xfurbish?

Our goal at Xfurbish is to ensure your complete satisfaction. That's why all of our refurbished servers and refurbished networking equipment are covered by India 90 days Warranty. The Warranty lets you rest, knowing that your product is protected when it comes to refurbished servers online, and smart IT solutions with your business.

Refurbished Rack servers provide a dense, best power-efficient alternative to traditional rack servers. It is ideal for virtualization and cloud computing for all data centers. With up to 42 core processors, across 22 blades, there were no more significant than five enterprise-class 2U rack servers in a chassis. 

It offers the best blade center architecture and consolidates enormous processing power in less rack server space. It drastically reduces high energy and hosting prices. There are few better types for best density cluster computing than refurbished Dell servers or HP server hardware.

Brand: Dell Model: PowerEdge R820

Dell PowerEdge R820 Rack Server with 1 Year WarrantySpecificationBrand - DellModel - DELL PowerEdge R820Server Type - 2U RackPrice - 80000No of Processors - 4Processor - E5-4650Memory Installed - 64GBMemory Type - DDR3HDD Installed - 900GB x 2Memory Slots - 24 DIMM slotsPower Supply Installed - 1100..
Sold by: Vedus

Ex Tax:₹90,000
Brand: Dell Model: R710

Dell PowerEdge R710Processor: Intel Xeon E5640 @2.66GHz (4cores x 2)Ram: 272GB DDR3Disk: 1.2TB SASSMPS: 870W x 2 ..
Sold by: SunilPeripherals

Ex Tax:₹125,000
Brand: Dell Model: R730

Dell PowerEdge R730 Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2696 V4 @ 2.20 GHz768GB RAM1.2 TB SAS Disk750W x 2 SMPS..
Sold by: SunilPeripherals

Ex Tax:₹270,000
Brand: Dell Model: R640

Dell PowerEdge R640 32GB DDR4 1U 4LFF 750W Rack Mount Server..
Sold by: ServerMan

₹318,069 ₹353,410
Ex Tax:₹269,550
Brand: Dell Model: R730xd

Dell Poweredge R730xd Intel Xeon E5-2670 v3 PERC H330 Rack ServerINTEL XEON CPU E5-2670 v3 @ 2.30GHZ * 2 processor/32GB*4 DDR4 Memory/ 4TB*12/480GB SSD*2 SATA Storages/ 750*2 RPS/ PERC H330|12Gbps..
Sold by: ServerSparesOnline

Ex Tax:₹99,000
Brand: Dell Model: Dell PowerEdge R810

The PowerEdge™ R810 is an Intel processor-based 2 or 4-socket, 2U rack server ideal for usage in data centers and remote sites needing optimal performance and memory scalability for mission-critical applications in an efficient 2U form factor...
Sold by: link-refub

Ex Tax:₹90,000
Brand: Dell Model: PowerEdge R230

Dell PowerEdge R230 Server Intel Xeon E3-1220 v6 with 2 x 8GB RAM and 1TB + 1TB HDD Rack server..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹44,999
Brand: Dell Model: R620

It was a powerful and compact server that impressed critics with it’s strong virtualization capabilities.PowerEdge R620 hardware specifications RAM: Up to 768GB (24 DIMM slots)     Storage: Up to 10 2.5” hot-plug drives or 4 2.5” drives with 2 PCIe SSD (10TB max)CPU options: up to 2 x Intel Xeon E5-..
Sold by: TSINFRA

Ex Tax:₹25,000