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Graphic Cards

A graphic card is defined as a hardware product that increases the system performance and boosts the video memory of a computer, making the display quality more high-definition and increasing system quality. Check the Graphic Card price online

Since the PC is more powerful and hence increases the capacity to do high-level work. High-quality images depend on the quality of the graphic card thus it's very important for high-level gaming and video editing on a PC.

What Is a GPU?

Graphics Processing Unit defines GPU.

The model of the GPU brings power to the GPU.

An expansion slot is defined in the graphic as an external component attached to the motherboard.

The things or image which creates the visuals that we see on a monitor is generated by the brain of a graphics card or GPU.

How Does a Graphics Card Work?

The graphic card works on a principle similar to the working principle of the CPU. The CPU (Central Processing Unit), working in interconnection or communication with software applications thus reverts the information about the image to the graphic card.

It decides how to and where to use the graphic card on its own and creates pixels on the screen to create the image therefore it processes the information to the monitor through a cable.

Why Use Graphic Cards?

To boost performance or to increase the quality of the system thus the PC has to be upgraded with a good graphic card.  Naturally, it is important to upgrade for gamers and the video editor.

These cards are responsible for rendering an image to the monitor and it is processed through converting data into a signal that your monitor understands hence the best graphic card thus the smoother an image can be produced.

Four main components:

  • The connection of the motherboard for data and power supply.
  • The processor decides what should be done with each pixel on the screen.
  • The connection of the monitor is to display the final result.
  • Hard Disk or memory to hold the data, information about each pixel and to store the temporarily designed pictures.

What are different types of graphic cards?


Graphic cards that are built into the motherboard are called integrated graphic cards which are generally used in most laptops hence they cannot be easily upgraded.


This type of graphic card is defined as an external graphics card which is a hardware part thus it is added to a motherboard as an extra component.

Many users may not need an external graphic for their basic work on PC.

Basic work like using Ms. Office, watching movies, listing songs, creating files, etc this work may not need a graphic card.

But to experience high-level gaming and video editing need an external component thus it has to upgrade with the best graphic card.

Top 3 Graphics Card in India

  • Asus GeForce GT 710
  • ASUS GeForce 710-2-SL GT 710
  • Gigabyte GeForce GV-N710D3-2GL

Advantage Or Benefits Of Having Graphics Card

Here are some of the top benefits of having installed external graphics cards.

  • Richer Video Editing and Gaming Experience

  • Increase the PC Performance.

  • Decrease the load of the CPU.

  • Usage of system memory (RAM) is minimized.

  • In the respect of 3D Applications and Software experience maximum performance

  • Better Video and Gaming with HD Experience.

  • Easy Scalability and upgrade.

  • Good and simplified driver support and easy installation.

What Are The Features Of A Graphics Card?


Graphics card carries or consists of its memory. The range of memory stands from 128MB to 2GB of memory. More RAM or Memory equals a higher resolution effect with more colors on the screen.

Best selling New 8GB Graphic Card for high resolution.

Multiple Screen Support

Mainly most new video cards can connect two monitors to one card hence this feature is very important for the hardcore gamer and HD video editor’s

Gaming And Video Editing

The various Graphic cards are not only for gamers but also for those who are interested in high-level editing. Those who use high-end video editing need high-quality graphic cards to reduce the rendering time of an image and give a high-definition environment.


There are many various ways to connect the monitor through various ports that are present on both the monitor and the graphic card. Below are some common ports to connect a monitor and the graphics card. Some motherboards consist of more than one expansion slot thus here. We can add more than one graphic card to get better performance.

  • VGA

  • HDMI

  • DVI

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