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VC Devices

Brand: Avaya Model: 1603SW-I

Avaya 1603SW-I Global IP Phone 700458524Part Number:  700458524Warranty: 30 DaysCondition: New Box Pack in its original Box..
Sold by: Rajtech

Ex Tax:₹2,500
Brand: Avaya Model: 700508258

Avaya 1603SW-I Global IP Phone 700508258Part No: 700508258Warranty: 90 DaysCondition: New Box Pack in its original Packing Unused Spare..
Sold by: Rajtech

Ex Tax:₹3,800
Brand: Avaya Model: 700508260

Avaya 700508260 One-X 1608-I IP PhonePart Number: 700508260Warranty : 30 daysCondition: New Box pack in its original Pack.Colour : Black..
Sold by: Rajtech

Ex Tax:₹2,000
Brand: Avaya Model: Avaya 9650

Avaya 9650 IP Phone Without adapter..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹2,100
Brand: Avaya Model: IP Phone 9650

Avaya 9650 IP PhonePower Adapter not Included..

Ex Tax:₹990
Brand: Nortel Model: NTDU96BA70E6

Charcoal Nortel I2007 IP Phone NTDU96BA70E6 Part Number : NTDU96BA70E6 Warranty : 30 DaysCondition: New Box Pack in its original Box, Unused spare...
Sold by: Rajtech

Ex Tax:₹4,500
Brand: Cisco Model: CP-6921-C-K9

Cisco 6900 IP Phone CP-6921-C-K9 Cisco UC Phone 6921, Charcoal, Standard handset..
Sold by: IT-SHOP

Ex Tax:₹2,000
Brand: Cisco Model: CP-7911G

Cisco 7900 Unified IP Phone CP-7911G V03..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹2,000
Brand: Cisco Model: 7941

Cisco 7941G IP Phone (5-Piece) ( Without Power Adapter )..

Ex Tax:₹470
Brand: Cisco Model: 7970G CP-7970G

Cisco 7970G CP-7970G 7970 Series VOIP IP Phone..
Sold by: Tulip

Ex Tax:₹33,000
Brand: Cisco Model: CP-8845-K9

Cisco 8800 Series Unified Endpoint VoIP Video IP Phone CP-8845-K9..
Sold by: Adigotech

Ex Tax:₹10,800
Brand: Cisco Model: CP-8865-K9

Cisco 8800 Series Unified IP Endpoint VoIP Video Phone with Camera and Stand CP-8865-K9..
Sold by: Adigotech

Ex Tax:₹13,500
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