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I'm gonna continue looking at refurbished  old refurbished server for sales  that I bought in a refurbished market and its an old  old refurbished server for sale for sale this time specifically the HP  dl160 g6 you can get them by Febo cheap I fight in fact about a couple of them this morning 450 pound each there are 96 gigabytes of RAM on them on dual Xeon processors, so they come in various configurations there's one that supports a two and a half inch drive so you can get eight to an hour finish drives in it on this one at the sports three and a half-inch drives and you can get four three and a half-inch drives on them and say they were cheap to pick up or eBay and the parts of cheap to pick up as well if you like this old server on sale, please take the time to hit the like button and consider subscribing to the channel if you hit the notifications icon you get notifications of any new videos as they are released if you'd like to hire as far any projects head over to our website at and buy refurbished  old refurbished server for sale in India you crate and  click on the highroad button and fill  out the details let us know what you're  looking for and we'll get back to you so  this takes PDR 160 g6 let's take a quick  look at the website so it's quite an old   old refurbished server for sale as I say but we're looking at the refurbished  old refurbished server for sales and say you can pick  them up on Xfurbish cheap so dl160 g6  it's high-performance low-cost ultra-dense dual-processor capable 1u rack memory in turns high-performance computing they are perfect for running solutions such as XC PNG we've got a number of them running XC PNG and we've also got a number of them running  OpenStack clouds processor wise to take Intel Xeon processors and there's a quite a few options on these a lot of websites that are selling them refurbished and you can select the base unit itself and then you can get it out with the options that your cannot so up gates.

The two  processors Intel 5 5 2012 Meg global  free cash for Mike level 3 cache memory  so 4 gigs a good 12 gig Adams  Maxim America Belgium 288 gig for taking accusing you didn't so did both  registered memory unregistered memory  and they say it's cheap enough to pick  up storage controller none up plug our  hotplug for the Saturn and SAS models  the one that we have it does tape off  Sutter once us and saying I picked up  phone number fifty quid  I've come to optical drives maximum  storage you can kind of ignore this  there's we've got money with more than  two terabyte drives in them it's just  probably the drives it was maximum drive  size that was available at the time farm  factory states one view a CPI version  two security parallel password cell  password secure sockets eight parts of  pi 500 watts or switching and we've got  six system funds so these are really  good that it doesn’t feel like it's old refurbished server for sale and they also, come with the lights  out as well for remote management so you  can log in to the minister switched off  power then one reset them do whatever  you want with them so now let's head  over and take a look at the actual   old refurbished server for sale itself so this is what we have  and this is the one that takes two and a  half inch drives to look at the front of it  you can see the dream fire - drought  here - it's over then to here with the  cd-ROM over the top we've got secure  mounting brackets as well so these crews  will screw into the maps to stop it  sliding the belt on the rear of this  thing so this is one that has you've  done the power supplies in it the serial  pumps connector on it VGA connector but  USB ports on the rear  we have Jill one gig network cards in it  and we have a separate money or an  interface so the first thing you'll  notice is the length of this finger it's  it's a long  old refurbished server for sale it's quite a bit  waiting for it's a long service so you'll  need an old refurbished server for sale that's capable of  taking you need a rack so it's capable  taking service out of this deep let's go  ahead and take a look off so you can see  it the back we have the RAID controller  which is a full-height card here we're  gonna leave that in for the time being I  would have taken it out it's not  necessary and we have a half-height card  here then I have an Intel 520 network  card to put your narrow 10 gig network  up on this site, you can see we have six  funds in here pull this out  on this refurbish site, we have two funds here on  the PSU as well so have six memory slots  on each side and did South set up to two  hundred and eighty eight gig of run  that's a lot of memory we've got the  dual Xeon processors that are quite tidy   old refurbished server for sale do like these so remember to put  this back on the way around  so I was just doing going over that   old refurbished server for sale quickly while I had well I don't  ever and I was changing the network card  out of it like say for an old refurbished server for sale like  this they are ideal for EXCI PNG for  anything that requires virtually  virtualization we've  got a couple of them running Windows on  them as well as hyper-v they're really  versatile service and you can pick them  up very very cheap so buy second hand  old refurbished server for sale online so if you're looking  for kit for your home lab as long as  you've got a wrap that these things will  fit in there ideal.