India has been developing over the years in using technology and implementing its strategies in marketing. Online marketing started way back in the 2000s in Indian home markets, such as Homeshop18, India times shopping, and some others, but the growth wasn’t as excepted. In the last decade Ecommerce in India has seen immense growth with leading industries.


Electronic commerce is an internet platform that enables people for buying and selling products. Ecommerce is a platform that involves buyers, sellers, online transactions, payment platforms, delivery partners, shipping and logistics, the internet, etc. It is a complete business model more often referred to as online shopping. Over the years, there has been incredible growth in the e-commerce industry. It operates in four segments, B2C, B2B, C2C, and C2B, and almost all products are available in the online marketplace. 


It has changed the way of shopping, as smartphones have become a part of our life, it became easier to shop online for any product. Electronic goods like laptops, mobiles, clothing and accessories, home storage, groceries, etc., and many others are available online, that are just a click away. It might take a lot of process behind the product selling, but for the buyer, it is just one click through the Internet.

How Ecommerce changed in India:


The scenario of Indian Internet users has changed tremendously over the last few years, it has created a path for many new platforms. Online markets or shopping places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Myntra, have proved themselves and increased majorly in the last decade. Not just shopping sites, but rare sites like Xfurbish, which sells electronic goods, spare parts of laptops, and mobiles, are emerging on the Internet.

Growth strategy:

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The number of users and purchases through the years have created many local markets and International brands to engage in these sites. Smartphones and the mobile network or data packages are something that is affordable and available for almost everyone nowadays. Ecommerce is something that is available on all the devices like Laptops, desktops, Tabs, and smartphones, with an Internet connection. Easily available Internet and smart devices made the incredible growth of e-commerce in India.

The Emergence of Local markets:

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India is a diversified country, it has unique clothing in each different state in the country. But, e-commerce was earlier a place to buy or sell electronic goods, clothing, and some other home products. Ecommerce sites like Amazon, and Flipkart have encouraged local markets and brought up a wide variety of products online, like handlooms, small businesses like arts and crafts, vehicle parts, etc. These made the online markets more buyer-friendly and also for local sellers, to showcase their markets. 

The platforms like Meesho have encouraged sellers from different sectors locally, including clothing, accessories, and small home products. Not just clothing various other components are also on market, like Xfurbish, which sells refurbished goods, like electronic goods. It is hard to find some original electronic goods and their parts, especially in a world driven by technology, where everything has replicas. It provides all original products, with branding and warranty details only after checking the product properly from the seller.

How Pandemic effect e-commerce in India:

Pandemic has created many markets a huge loss, Lockdown hit people in different ways. Even the larger business has shaken due to the loss, but it has shown more users and sellers interested in e-commerce after the pandemic. Sellers could gain back the buyers through online marketing places. When groceries and basic necessities have become a huge problem, e-commerce sites made it easier and beneficial for buyers and sellers. 


After the pandemic there came much scope for sellers to sell not just clothing, but many unique products through the Internet. Not just small businesses, many individuals or families who lost their jobs started businesses online, which gained them good profits. 


Medicines, health care necessities like masks, pulse oximeters, bp machines, and healthy immunity powders were easily available, and lessen the burden to rush to stores. Also, many new sites came up and started selling groceries, and promoted farm vegetables. The way of marketing has taken a good turn after the lockdown effect during the pandemic time.

XFurbish entry and growth in e-commerce:

Xfurbish is an online marketing place, or an e-commerce site that started in India, that sells all the electronic components, networking parts, servers, laptop spare parts, mobile parts, etc. with good quality and the best price. With better benefits for sellers, they encourage local markets and expose their markets globally. With international shipping and the best products from brands, Xfurbsih stands as one of the best in society. It entered the market in recent years but gained good competition from fellow marketers. 


Many have an assumption that refurbished goods have major defects or are treated as fake. But, some genuine sites would undergo basic checks and also tests the working capacity of the goods beforehand and make sure the user doesn’t experience any issue later.  

Growth in India and Future Expectancy:

Ecommerce in India has made its mark globally associating with local markets, and assuring seller protection to small businesses and individuals. It made online transactions easier, accepting all kinds of payments. One could buy almost anything sitting at their comfort palace from just a device. Anyone can register through mail or mobile number and buy the products. Also, the payment platforms ensure the users with proper technology to ensure safe and secure shopping.


Indian markets have encouraged local markets to go global, through e-commerce sites, and it is creating an economic boom and will lead to much more in the future. It is shown that the users and the sellers believe in online marketing and it is easy to market than selling in just one place. Many industries have entered into online market places through the years, especially electronic goods have become a huge hit.

How Refurbished markets boosted e-commerce:

Purchasing a refurbished product is not something that a buyer picks randomly, as used products require more inquiry and details than new ones. Any product that is bought on online marketing places needs assurance or warranty from the seller. And people are often confused between second-hand products and refurbished products. They may sound similar but different in their perspective. Refurbished products include checking, repairing, and clean-up the products, which look more like new ones.


Ecommerce sites like Xfurbish, 2GUD by Flipkart, Amazon’s renewed, and many others encourage refurbishing markets from local and global markets. It has also seen better growth and started gaining prominence in India. These sites make sure that seller protection is made, and the buyers get the quality product within their budget. The refurbishing market will increase its growth further in the coming years according to the Indian economic scenario.


From going to places for a small product to getting it home just with a click, e-commerce has made our lives easy and it created a new era in technology. Whether you are a buyer or seller, both the ways e-commerce has benefited us equally, making things simpler.

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