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Refurbished UPS

UPS or Uninterrupted power supply is a mandatory accessory for the commercial enterprise because of various reasons. Not every commercial entity can work without power flow. There should be an uninterrupted power flow because it keeps the work in a stable process. 

Refurbished UPS has gained a lot of attention in the past few years because of performance and prices. UPS are known to have been used in residential and commercial locations, but commercial environments require UPS to have a continuous power flow.

What is UPS?

An Uninterrupted power supply or UPS's fundamental job is to store electricity and provide it during the power cut. India is known to have power issues for a long time, and an uninterrupted power flow could ruin or damage appliances.

UPS is usually connected to the main power supply and provides power through the device all the time. When there is a power cut, the stored power in the UPS flows through the channel. This plays a vital role always to enjoy uninterrupted power supply. 

Types of UPS

UPS or uninterrupted power supply are categorized into multiple types because of various reasons. It is a known fact that not every company would have enough space to accommodate products. UPS manufacturers have started producing different kinds of products to suit every consumer's demand.

Below mentioned are the two types of UPS that can found in the market

Benefits of buying a refurbished UPS

Every product comes with a cost, and every buyer needs to determine the worth of the product. You can find products in both new and refurbished conditions. Not all refurbished products are defective, but you can instead find quality options to choose from quickly. 

Gone are the days when people were finding a hard time buying refurbished products for various reasons. Nowadays, there are plenty of websites that offer refurbished products at fewer costs. Buying bulk products at less cost let you save money without affecting the performance.

It is widely suggested that people know and understand different kinds of refurbished products found in the market. The top class refurbished products come along with a warranty that plays a crucial role in enjoying the performance for a long time.

Top Benefits of Using Refurbished UPS

  • Low cost
  • Quality 
  • Performance-oriented
  • Versatile product catalog
  • Easy availability

What is Xfurbish?

Xfurbish believes in recycling items to save the planet. We have been working on using recycled products without affecting the quality of work. 

Xfurbish is a marketplace that helps consumers to buy products from sellers directly. This not only helps sellers sell products but also allows buyers to purchase rare components at affordable prices. Xfurbish is in the market for a long time and has a list of reputed and trustworthy sellers. Therefore, it is safe to buy products without compromising on quality.

The firm offers various kinds of servers that allow users to compare different products before buying. Our options to verify the product and warranty terms enable users to buy without worrying about the end product.

Benefits of buying from Xfurbish

  • Standard Warranty
  • Trustworthy sellers
  • Reputed organization
  • Organized Marketplace
Brand: Dell Model: Dell Smart UPS 3000VA LCD RM UPS 2700watt DLT3000RMI2UC

Dell Smart-UPS 3000VA LCD RM-UPS-2700-watt-3000 VA with SmartConnect /returns-policyDLT3000RMI2UCCondition - Refurbished / Used / TestedTech SpecsGeneralDevice TypeUPS - rack-mountableHeight (Rack Units)2UColourBlackBundled withAPC SmartConnectPower DeviceInput VoltageAC 220/230/240 VInput Voltage R..
Sold by: DELHIIT

Ex Tax:₹46,700
Brand: Numeric Model: NUMERIC - ONFINITI 3kVA 96VDC with Inbuilt Isolation Transformer

NUMERIC - Single Phase Online Double Conversion - ONFINITI 3kVA 96VDC with Inbuilt Isolation Transformer.FeaturesPower Factor: 0.8Temperature compensated charger.Over-voltage cut-off device.ECO ModeConstant Voltage & Constant Frequency output.Communication: RS 232 & USBCertification: BIS, CE & RoHSG..

Ex Tax:₹17,000
Brand: APC Model: BR1000

Refurbished 120V UPS APC UPS BR1000 - RFBR1000  SpecificationsOutput:Output Power Capacity600 Watts / 1000 VAMax Configurable Power600 Watts / 1000 VANominal Output Voltage120VWaveform TypeStepped approximation to a sinewaveOutput Connections(6) NEMA 5-15R (Battery Back..

Ex Tax:₹9,500
Brand: APC Model: SUA750i

500 Watts / 750 VA Output Power Capacity UPS-APC UPS SUA750i - RFOutputOutput Power Capacity 500 Watts / 750 VA Max Configurable Power 500 Watts / 750 VANominal Output Voltage 230VOutput Voltage Note Configurable for 220 : 230 or 240 nominal output voltageOutput Vo..

Ex Tax:₹18,720
Brand: APC Model: SUA1500i

OutputOutput Power Capacity 980 Watts / 1500 VAMax Configurable Power 980 Watts / 1500 VANominal Output Voltage 230VOutput Voltage Note Configurable for 220 : 230 or 240 nominal output voltageOutput Voltage Distortion Less than 5% at full loadOutput Frequency (sync to mains) 47 -..

Ex Tax:₹31,400
Brand: APC Model: SUA3000i

USB with 3000VA- APC UPS SUA3000i - RFOutputOutput Power Capacity 2700 Watts / 3000 VA Max Configurable Power 2700 Watts / 3000 VA Nominal Output Voltage 230V Output Voltage Note Configurable for 220 : 230 or 240 nominal output voltage Efficiency at Full ..

Ex Tax:₹67,800
Brand: Emerson Model: CX600

Emerson Liebert ItON 600VA UPS With Surge Protection And Back up technologies ..

Ex Tax:₹3,100
Brand: Altech Model: Altech 1-170-270

Altech Smart Servo 1-170-270 - 15 KVA-OC..

Ex Tax:₹85,350
Brand: Altech Model: Altech 1-170-270

Altech Smart Servo 1-170-270 -10 KVA-OC..

Ex Tax:₹68,050
Brand: Altech Model: Altech 1-170-270

Altech Smart Servo 1-170-270 -7.5 KVA-OC..

Ex Tax:₹54,208
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