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Seller Policy

Please be ensured that before listing your item, you read, understand, and regularly check our policies (including the rules for sellers and the Xfurbish Policy) and all applicable laws and regulations on sale of your item. This can help you avoid potential problems and penalties.

Xfurbish policies have been fine-tuned over time, & are designed to make Xfurbish serve its purpose efficiently and to reduce problems & listing are made easy. Our Policies aim at 

  • Minimize risks to sellers
  • Support laws and regulations
  • Protect intellectual property rights
  • Provide equal opportunity to all sellers
  • Provide a more enjoyable buying and selling experience

Online Store

Its mandatory to list only the products as per our Listing guidelines & practices.

In any case, if we see that your products on your online store is not complying with our guidelines, they may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

We encourage our sellers to follow these guidelines to 


  • Using your profile to let other members know who you are
  • Displaying the items that you're selling
  • Displaying Feedback that you've received

Not Allowed

  • Contact information
  • Including nude images
  • Including profanity or offensive materials
  • Including gratuitous comments about other users or listings
  • Promoting services or items that are not allowed on Xfurbish
  • Violations of our other listing policies

Listing Policy

  • Buy/Sell all sorts of IT enterprise items, all listings have to offer a physical item.
  • Product listed should be as per listing practices & guidelines.
  • Product listed under Refurbished should be inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and must be in excellent condition. This item may or may not be in original packaging.
  • Duplicate listings are not allowed
  • Blank Listings cannot be included
  • Test listings
  • Trades or want ads should not be added as products

Listing Guidelines & Practices

Product listing should ensure following our guidelines on:

  • Brand names : Product can be added to the existing brand names; new brand can be added on request through mail to & after authenticating & approving it by our team
  • Categories (Product can be added to the categories listed on Xfurbish)
  • Keyword spamming
  • Pictures 
  • Text and other information
  • Titles 
  • Using vulgarity in a listing or other community pages on Xfurbish, HTML and JavaScript functions, or links outside of Xfurbish is strictly prohibited.

For a satisfying and fun experience on Xfurbish, we assist our sellers to list their items in the most effective ways possible. Provide a clear, honest, and accurate description about the item. Avoid keyword spamming and any personal/store contact details in the description.

Make sure your listing follows our guidelines mentioned in the Seller Information Center. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and your buying and selling privileges could be restricted.

It's against our policies to do anything that to manipulate the search or browse experience on Xfurbish. This applies to all parts of a listing, including the title, subtitle, product details, description, pictures, links, and meta-tags will be taken if you inappropriately divert buyers to a listing.

Order Fulfillment & Processing

  • Once the order is placed the product to be shipped within the estimated shipping date
  • Product to be shipped as per the specifications & description mentioned on Xfurbish
  • Product quantity mentioned on store should be maintained on priority as to avoid cancellations
  • Product shipped under Refurbished should be inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and should be in excellent condition
  • Once the product is dispatched the shipping details to be updated on the portal
  • All order processed should be packed appropriately, safely & shipped
  • All orders processed should be shipped along with invoice
  • Once the product is dispatched change the status to shipped ,select the courier name from the drop down menu  & update the tracking id on the portal
  • In case where the ordered product is not able to be fulfilled by the seller within the estimated shipping date, seller can request the buyer to cancel the order through mail messages
  • In any case where the seller is not able to fulfil the order & has an option of suggesting any alternative brand/specs for the order placed, Seller needs to contact Xfurbish & we would contact the buyer for confirming on the same
  • To avoid seller rating to be affected Seller needs to maintain the stock level & process the order on time & see to that the order is delivered on time
  • To have safer selling experience & it is mandatory to update the serial number of the product shipped on the invoice

Return Policy & Guidelines

  • Returns are to be processed as per Xfurbish’s return policy & follow the guidelines stated
  • On receiving the mail, seller has to proactively reply back within 24 hours to the buyer with the resolution
  • Once the return is received back by the seller it has to be validated as complete or   incomplete return
  • On receipt of the return product & once its validated update the buyer about the replacement/refund status through mail
  • The replacement product to be shipped within 2 days once the return product is validated
  • All replacement order shipped should be updated to the buyer along with the shipping details
  • In any case if the returned product is incomplete / different from what was shipped it has to be updated proactively to the buyer
  • If the concern is not resolved, be assured that Xfurbish Shield team would address & resolve unprejudiced
  • In any case till the buyer’s concern is resolved payment for the respective order will be held

Return Exceptions Policy

  • Return request is made outside the specified time frame
  • Any product part missing from the what was shipped
  • In any case if the Product returned is damaged due to misuse or Incidental damage due to usage of product such incidences
  • Products returned with tampered or missing serial numbers from what was shipped to the buyer
  • Products returned is materially different from what was shipped

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel Request can be initiated only once you receive a mail from the buyer
  • On receiving the request for cancellation, mail to be sent to
  • You can cancel an order until your order is in pending status
  • Cancellation request for the orders which are dispatched & in transit is at your own risk
  • On cancellation of the order a confirmation mail to be sent to buyers
  • Any other cancellation of order without cancellation request from the buyer will affect your performance
  • Seller request for cancellation due to pricing error or unavailability of product or any reason will be chargeable 3% of product value

Refund Policy

  • Product returned back out of the return time line shouldn’t be accepted
  • In any case if there is a concern which is been going on with respect of returns by the buyer, the payment will be disbursed once the concern is resolved by Xfurbish team
  • If the replacement product can’t be arranged, from the same seller refund is initiated
  • In any case if there is any concern faced in resolving the refund request Xfurbish shield team will intervene & resolve it prejudiced

Reporting policy violations

If you see a listing that violates Xfurbish policies, please report it by mailing us to or Contact Us link located on most of our help pages. Our team will check on the same & do the needful.

Or If there are any queries regarding the policies kindly contact us on Our team will see to that your concern is addressed & resolved.