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Xfurbish is a platform to offer refurbished Enterprise IT products globally with competitive pricing, various categories, fast shipping, committed customer service.  Xfurbish is a marketplace developed and managed by eMazel Tech Pvt Ltd operating from Bangalore, Karnataka.  eMazel Tech focuses majorly on E-commerce, Software development, Web Applications, the Internet of Things, and Automation.

We work as a team, with each individual performing in various roles, driven by a set of business processes & values, making a more efficient, streamlined organization overall. Xfurbish focuses on customer-centric imperatives that provide various categories of products, enhanced customer support, adaptability, security & compliance.

We owe something back to our Planet

We are into purpose-driven business, across the globe there is huge e-waste generated, these Electronic devices contain many toxic components when disposed of, computer devices end up in the landfill, they will cause destruction to the environment by leaking into the soil or poisoning the water. This can affect plant and animal habitat and will cause severe effects when consumed by human life. Xfurbish identifies that possibly one of the best ways to give a product a "Second Life" is through refurbishment because it helps you to buy an equally new product & also contributes to our planet. Overall electronic waste, which we produce through destroying used products, as well as that the usage of raw materials, will also be drastically reduced if refurbished products are used.

Brand Green Influencers

Xfurbish aims refurbished products to be more accessible and therefore more affordable, and our sellers are willing to support us and with our trends that move toward the same direction. This has many benefits: first, they decrease the amount of e-waste by reintroducing refurbished IT products to our global user base.  Our sellers will give you confidence that refurbished products are tested to meet our standards defined to sell on our marketplace. Buying a Refurbished IT hardware for your business requirements at a reasonable price from Xfurbish is the best way to save your investment and contribute more towards the environment while knowing the product will help you deal with any task that your company needs it to perform.

Reliability - You Can Trust Us

Trustworthiness or Reliability is an important aspect that anyone faces while purchasing a refurbished product. We make sure every purchase from the seller offers a warranty period & also ensure our customer to buy with confidence. There is also a huge price difference between brand new as well as refurbished IT equipment there and trust us, purchasing a refurbished one could save our consumers a huge amount and also they get it with a decent warranty period as well. It can be bought as its cheaper and safer investment. Most of all WE strive to reinstate the trust of our customers 

Our address is  #16, 4th floor, Annapurna Industrial Estate, 7th mile, Doddakallasandra, Kanakapura main road, Doddakallasandra Bengaluru, Karnataka-560062

Contact: +91 86189 99057 , 9090907035