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Sound Sensor

Brand: SUN Microsystems Model: Sun Audio Module Ultra 30, 60, 80, Sun Blade 1000 - 501-4155

Audio Module Ultra 30, 60, 80, Sun Blade 1000 2000 501-4155..
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Brand: Generic Model: 6-12VDC

6-12VDC Mini Microphone Pickup Aerial Audio Signal Collection For Camera FPV QAV250 mini QuadcopterFeatures-Low noiseHigh fidelityWide working voltage rangeLow power consumptionLong transmission distanceUsing the implementation of audio synchronization with the camera...
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Brand: Generic Model: Analog Sound Sensor

Analog Sound Sensor Microphone Module for ArduinoFeatures-Detectable sound signal sizeBuilt-in filter-rectifier circuit, DC signal outputGood sensitivity, built-in amplifier circuit, adjustable gainVoltage signal for sound intensity can be obtained by AD conversionAnalog voltage signal output, signa..
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Brand: Generic Model: Grove Speech Recognizer

SeeedStudio Grove Speech RecognizerFeatures-Local Voice RecognitionVery low rate of false triggeringSpeaker connector(JST2.0, the speaker is not included)Built-in microphone3.3/5V working voltage22 recognition entryDefault Baudrate: 9600..
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Brand: Generic Model: ISD1820

ISD1820 Recording Module Voice Board With On Board Mic and Loud SpeakerFeatures-An easy to use 10 seconds of voice recording.High-quality, natural voice restored.Can be used as a propaganda module.With looping, jog playback, single-pass play function.Available single-chip control.This module can dir..
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Brand: Generic Model: ISD1820

ISD1820 Sound Voice Board Recording ModuleFeatures-Working voltage: 3 ~ 5VBoard size:54 x 38 mmISD1820 Sound/Voice Board Recording100% Brand new and high-quality BoardISD1820 chip with an Onboard microphone...
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Brand: Generic Model: LM393

LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module BlackFeatures-Signal output indication.The output is digital.Single-channel signal output.With the retaining bolt hole, convenient installation.Output low level and the signal light when there is sound...
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Brand: Generic Model: Microphone 9x7mm

Microphone 9x7mm Pack of 3Features-Low noiseLow power consumptionSuitable for a wide variety of Electronic productsMulti-channelFrequency Range: 50 – 20KHzMicrophone sensitivity 56 – 58DB..
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Brand: SeeedStudio Model: SeeedStudio Grove

SeeedStudio Grove Heelight SensorFeatures-Digital Voice RecognitionSupport over 500 digital voice commandsCompatible with the Grove system..
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Brand: SeeedStudio Model: SeeedStudio Grove

SeeedStudio Grove Loudness SensorFeatures-Gain adjustable via screw potentiometerWide supply voltage rangeBuilt-in signal filteringGrove compatible interfaceEasy to use..
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Brand: Generic Model: SeeedStudio Grove

SeeedStudio Grove Sound SensorFeatures-High microphone sensitivityMinimum external partsInbuilt potentiometerGrove compatible interface..
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Brand: Generic Model: Small Microphone Sound Sensor Module

Small Microphone Sound Sensor ModuleFeatures-There is a mounting screw hole 3mm. 5v DC power supplyWith analog outputThere are threshold level output flipPower indicator lightThe comparator output is lightHigh Sensitivity Sound Microphone Sensor Detection ModuleElectric condenser microphoneLow-..
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