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Unmanaged Switches

These are devices with which you'll connect computers to every other. They function hubs through which all PCs are networked, thus enabling quick and secure data exchange. Hubs and second hand Unmanaged Switches are mostly utilized in companies all PCs to the network with one another, in order that a closed system is made in order that data are often transmitted from a networked PC to a different quickly.

These are electronic devices that hook up with an area area network (LAN) either multiple computers or multiple network segments with different network technologies (eg telephone network). they will even be wont to a bigger network for the interconnection of multiple networks. Unlike routers, these devices are pure hardware components. you've got counting on their function within the network a special number of ports and send or receive within a really short time an enormous amount of knowledge packets to individual nodes of the network. to create larger networks eg in large farms or data centers  as many switches are often interconnected. In this category we provide reconditioned switches for each need. Mostly it's within the refurbished devices to Ethernet refurbished Unmanaged Switches with normal copper cables, which are fairly often utilized in the LAN to use and be used there. additionally , we also carry more Fibre Channel switches that transmit the info packets over fiber optic cable. Further still higher layer Ethernet switches are in our range, the control functions leave example the observation of the traffic from the manageable cut or an IP filtering.

We sell used and refurbished switches here from renowned manufacturers like HP, Dell, IBM, Nokia, Cisco Systems, also as many other switchgear hardware supplier. These were revised by our excellent working team of technicians and inspected and tested to the littlest detail. Most of those used and refurbished equipment a better number of ports (12, 16, 24 and 48) and are particularly suitable for company networks. For smaller networks and residential use , there are switches with 2, 4, 5, 6 and eight ports . There are usually Ethernet switches , the transmission rates of 10, 100 Manage (and, for a few devices, 1000) MB/s. Also Fibre Channel switches and Long-Reach Ethernet switches (LREs) for larger networks are often found in our extensive range.

The advantages for you as a customer if you access to used equipment this category you not only economize when buying these products because they're cheaper than new. No, we also offer quality nearly new goods. So if you would like products to create a company network, you'll find devices that accelerate the flow of data within your organization and make data safe.

Brand: Cisco Model: RPS675

Cisco RPS 675 Redundant Power System Unmanaed RPS675..

Ex Tax:₹12,109
Brand: ATEN Model: CS1316

ATEN 16Port VGA PS/2-USB KVM Unmanaged Switch Without SFP CS1316..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹63,807
Brand: D-link Model: DGS-1024D

D-Link 24 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch DGS-1024D..
Sold by: ShardaITParts

Ex Tax:₹2,767
Brand: D-link Model: DES-1024D

D-Link DES-1024D 24 Port Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps Unmanaged Switch..
Sold by: ShardaITParts

Ex Tax:₹1,613
Brand: D-link Model: DGS108

D-Link DGS108 8 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹6,750
Brand: D-link Model: DES-1016D

 DES-1016D D-Link 16-Port Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps Unmanaged desktop Switch General Warranty 90 days Part Number DES-1016D Model D-Link DES-1016D SAN Switch Number of Ports 16 ..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹5,700
Brand: D-link Model: IGS1224TE.D1G

DGS-1224T D-Link 24Port layer 2 Unmamaged Switch Without Sfp General Warranty 90 days Part Number IGS1224TE.D1G Model D-Link 24Port Unmamaged Switch SAN Switch Number of Ports 24 ..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹23,113
Brand: D-link Model: DES-1008A

IES1008DE D-Link DES-1008A 8Port 10/100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Without transreceiver module General Warranty 90 days Part Number DES-1008A Model D-Link DES-1008A SAN Switch Number of Ports ..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹3,917
Brand: ATEN Model: CS1316

Refurbished :ATEN 16Port VGA PS/2-USB KVM Unmanaged Switch Without SFP CS1316Condition: Refurbished, Used and TestedPart No: CS1316..
Sold by: e-tail

Ex Tax:₹67,165
Brand: D-link Model: IGS1224TE.D1G

Refurbished :D-Link 24Port Unmamaged Switch Without Sfp DGS-1224TCondition: Refurbished, Used and TestedPart No: IGS1224TE.D1G..
Sold by: e-tail

Ex Tax:₹24,339
Brand: D-link Model: DES-1008A

Refurbished :D-Link DES-1008A 8Port 10/100 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Without SFP IES1008DECondition: Refurbished, Used and TestedPart No:DES-1008A..
Sold by: e-tail

Ex Tax:₹4,123
Brand: D-link Model: DES-1016D

Refurbished :D-Link DES-1016D 16-Port Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps Unmanaged SwitchCondition: Refurbished, Used and TestedPart No: DES-1016D..
Sold by: e-tail

Ex Tax:₹6,000
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