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IBM M5100 Series 1GB Flash Memory Raid 46C9029

IBM M5100 Series 1GB Flash Memory Raid 46C9029
IBM M5100 Series 1GB Flash Memory Raid 46C9029
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Warranty 90 Days
Part Number46C9028 46C9029
Raid Card
Cache Memory Size 512MB

IBM M5100 Series 1GB Flash Memory Raid 46C9029

Product Overview

IBM M5100 Flash memory Raid are supports to the IBM Servers. The IBM M5100 Flash memory Raid with two internal ports, delivers two PowerPC processor cores and a 72-bit DDR3 interface that drives 1GB cache memory. 

Free Delivery of your IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid

IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid will be delivered free of cost to your doorstep within 3-5 business days.

We deliver Raid Card across India and IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid will be delivered sealed in a safe package with the Xfurbish taping.

Precaution is taken that no transportation damages and delays occurs for the IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid.

Xfurbish ensures satisfactory buying experience for our customers buying IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid

3 Months IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid Warranty

Your refurbished IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid comes with a warranty period of 3 months from the date of purchase from Xfurbish.

All support services are covered during this warranty period for the Refurbished IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid except for damages caused by manhandling, burnt or any other physical damages. Avail extended warranty for IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid on additional charges.

In case of any unexpected failures of the delivered IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid within 10 days of delivery will be replaced without any additional cost.

The certified spare part of the IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid are replaced if available in our multiple stores. For mission-critical support for the purchased IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid we arrange for phone call support, part replacement, and next business day onsite for repairs. Also an immediate fix is assured to any issues regarding the purchased IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid during the warranty period.


Verified Refurbished IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid

Purchase a 100% genuine refurbished IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid rather than spending on new Raid category. The refurbished IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid is renovated by our technical experts with high-end technical processes and genuine spares without any flaws to assure a trustworthy product.


24/7 Support Service for IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid

For quicker and active issue resolution of your IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid we provide 24/7 Technical support. Our Support team can be reached over phone or live chat or email for speedy response of queries related to IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid or for any assistance from our expert team. Any queries or issues related to performance, installation and purchasing of the IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid can be discussed with our available Customer Support. Even after expiration of the warranty we will support the queries related to the IBM M5100 Flash Memory Raid.


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