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Refurbished blade servers as the name suggests some kind of  blade will be there that you'll see and  server  so specifically metaphor server  operation will seen introduction the  concept technology hardware and software  a bit paid inclusion  refurbished blade server  architecture advantages disadvantages  and will convert them so great servers  are efficient solutions for  want Rita centers or data centers which  require flexibility high density  deployment and management of  high-performance servers so if you want  to high performance ever than blade  servers may be a solution these great  servers can pack more service  performance into less space while using  the cost and complexity and also  simplifying deployment and then and  thereby improving all or datacenter  performance so specifically we are  talking about state as it is so blade  servers is a string dump server computer  as we have seen with your server  computers this is a base level  essentially you know originated from  server computer only but has a modular  design optimized to minimize the use of  physical space and energy because data  is huge now and there are various  application requiring a lot of space so  we have to go to bring server if you  talk about the rack mount servers  standard rack mount servers it can  function with the popcorn and network  even our  refurbished blade servers which you can buy used blade server online from sale  has many converts  remove the safe space first of all then  minimizing the power consumption and  their various other consideration as  well while still having all the function  component to be considered on computer  so essentially it is a computer  when there are certain mitigations like  saving space minimizing power  consumption so unlike a rack mount  servers that you may only be going a   refurbished blade server needs some plated version  that you'll see in just a while so this  plate enclosure which can hold multiple   refurbished blade servers this provides services  like power cooling networking and  various other interconnects and weight  management so together blade and the  blade enclosure from a plate system okay  although blade system from this HP has a  specific product name.

 If we talk about  standard service flag configuration one  rack unit or one UUM as we call it  19 inches that is around for 80  millimeter white and this one 44 mm very  tall and this defines the minimum  possible size of an equipment the  principle benefit is the justification of  blade a computing elite so lifting this  restriction no these restrictions which  are wrong already there we need to of  this paid server lifted this assertion  to reduce size equals you cannot  stick to one size because as the  requirements of Illinois so the most  common computer rack which has a form  factor of AB is essentially size is 42  unit high which limits the number of  discrete computer devices directly one  table in the rack of 42 competency there  are 42 lips so great it does not have  this limitation is an important  thing you should concentrate  that blade has no certain limitation as  standard lag server or server a  configuration has so as of 2014  right now we are talking in 2015  densities up to 180 servers per gate  system or of 1440 1440 servers or Vlad  our achievement with the righteousness  is a huge you know number of somes  this is how you have server they glow  this is how this is what we call as  plates you can just you know grab it and  pull it yourself and this is the  formation of your server late and the  technology this greatly increases server  density lower power and volume lost and  easy server expansion and simplifies  datacenter fragment this way are living  discuss but I need to wanted actually to  re-emphasize that essentially live why  lane because it does something which is  required in today's time there are  hardware and software is also because we  are talking about a computer system.

It is a solution to a computer  system in hardware we have a server  blade we have communication brain we  have a great chase or Jesse then power  and cooling systems then the storage system  what all our computing can have but  these are all sophisticatedly balanced  and managed with certain software like  software and will cruise and  virtualization software also there then  these blade enclosures as I suggested  earlier has a super power  so pulling great networking high storage  and of course of poised connectivity  this is a view of your architecture this  is the front wheel and this is the back  view or a rear view of the server which  called a plate server this is as I told  unit so these are four deuce laws and  whips Lords this is the height this is  one blade this is the management modules  event these are the input Aquabase these  are unblocked please this is how your  server update server looks like just to  give your claims that who are on players  of this late server market, HP holds of  40% IBM around 30% depth 60.4% and the  others and Sun they contribute to 50% so  love it advantages why we use it why we  use certain things because we must have  certain advantages so again let me  reiterate those things which I earlier  mentioned that it has a reduced space  requirements we had used power  consumption lower management costs  simplified catering lower of cables  future-proofing easier physical deployed  I can just take one late server and keep  it somewhere else it's quite easy but  you know going has two phases there are  few disadvantages as well like  configuration expenses initial  configuration can be quite a cost then  unit utilization there are various units  available for that you know your  utilization is a challenge and  technology advancement because if we fix  some technology and the new technologies  are coming so you need to know handle  them as well so maybe this can be a  disadvantage.

Also temperature  requirement you need to have a full AC  control the air conditioning is should  be there to go for your blade  server so thank you so much hope you got  a bit idea about  refurbished blade server this is a  huge technology and if you are  interested you can buy a used blade server online from

Brand: Fujitsu Model: BX920 S3

BX920 S3 Fujitsu Primergy  Barebone blade Server General Warranty 90 days Model BX920 S3 Blade Server Processor Model Intel Xeon processor E5-2400 Series No of Processor Supported 2..
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Ex Tax:₹19,000
Brand: Cisco Model: B200 M3

Cisco B200 M3 2 x E5-2667V2 CPU 512GB Ram VIC1240 2x 300GB 10K SAS HDD Blade Server..
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Ex Tax:₹193,682
Brand: Cisco Model: B200 M4

Cisco B200 M4 2x E5-2670V3 24 Core 512GB Ram 2x SFF VIC1340 Blade Server..
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Ex Tax:₹440,842
Brand: Cisco Model: Cisco B230 M2

Cisco B230 M2 2 x E7-2870 10 Core 2x Tray 256GB RAM Blade Server M81KR 800-34943..
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Ex Tax:₹61,333
Brand: Cisco Model: Cisco UCS B200 M4

Cisco UCS B200 M4 2 x E5-2670V3 24 Core 12x 32GB Ram 2x SFF VIC1340 Blade Server..
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Ex Tax:₹245,561
Brand: Cisco Model: UCS B200 M4

Cisco UCS B200 M4 2 x E5-2670V3 24 Core 12x 32GB Ram 2x SFF VIC1340 Blade Server..
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Ex Tax:₹343,786
Brand: Dell Model: Dell EMC 2 VNX e3100 Series

Dell EMC 2 VNX e3100 Series 12x2TB HDD 4x4GB RAMHardware included: 1 x EMC VNXe3100 Controller Chassis EMC P/N: 900-541-0062 x iSCSI Storage Processors Controllers P/N: 110-123-002D(EMC 110-123-002d iSCSI Storage Processor / Controller With BBU for Vnxe3100)1x EMC V2-DAE..

Ex Tax:₹173,009
Brand: Dell Model: Dell EMC 2 VNX e3100

Dell EMC 2 VNX e3100 Series 2x2TB HDD 4x4GB RAMHardware included: 1 x EMC VNXe3100 Controller Chassis 2 x iSCSI Storage Processors Controllers(EMC 110-123-002d iSCSI Storage Processor / Controller With BBU for Vnxe3100)1x EMC V2-DAE-12 Expansion Chassis2x Contro..
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Ex Tax:₹271,048
Brand: Dell Model: Dell M620

Dell M620 2 x Xeon E5-2660 2.2GHz 64GB RAM 10Gb Network Card 2x SFF Blade Server..
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Ex Tax:₹44,193
Brand: Dell Model: Dell M620

Dell M620 2 x Xeon E5-2660 2.2GHz 64GB RAM 2 x 300GB 10K 6G 2.5 SAS HDD 0R744K  10Gb Network Card 2x SFF Blade Server..
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Ex Tax:₹52,593
Brand: Dell Model: M605

Dell Poweredge M605 2 x Quad Core 2.0ghz OPTERON 2350 CPU 32gb RAM QME2472 Blade Server..
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Ex Tax:₹19,799
Brand: Dell Model: M620

Dell PowerEdge M620 2 x E5-2667 128GB RAM 10Gb Network Card 2x Trays H310 Raid Card Blade Server..
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Ex Tax:₹121,051
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