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Tandberg LTO3 HH SAS Internal Tape Drive 3500-LTO

Tandberg LTO3 HH SAS Internal Tape Drive 3500-LTO
Tandberg LTO3 HH SAS Internal Tape Drive 3500-LTO
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  • Model: 3500-LTO
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Warranty90 days
Part Number3500-LTO
Tape Drive
Tape Drive TypeInternal Tape Drive
Tape drive GenerationLTO 3
Tape Drive Native Capacity400GB
Tape Drive Compressed Capacity800GB
Tape Drive InterfaceSAS
Form FactorHalf Height

Tandberg LTO3 HH SAS Internal Tape Drive 3500-LTO

Condition :Refurbished, Used and Tested
Part No :3500-LTO

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TANDBERG Tape Drives Price List

BrandProduct NameConditionPriceAction
TANDBERGTandberg data hp LTO6 HH sas internal tape drive EH967-60040-ZERefurbished120000 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg SLR75 hh SCSI internal tape driveRefurbished12000 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg LTO3 HH SCSI External Tape Drive PD001C#351Refurbished25000 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg LTO3 HH SAS Internal Tape Drive 3500-LTORefurbished22500 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg SLR50 HH SCSI Internal Tape Drive 59H3745Refurbished10000 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg SLR7 HH SCSI External Tape DriveRefurbished40000 Buy
TANDBERGTANDBERG LTO5 HH FC T40 Tape library Drive AQ293E#350Refurbished96050 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg 7223 LTO-5 ultrium HH FC tape drive AQ293E#350Refurbished96050 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg Data LTO6 SAS HH External Tape Drive 3535-LTORefurbished119625 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg Data LTO6 SAS HH Internal Tape Drive 3534-LTORefurbished105225 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg Data LTO4 SCSI Internal Tape Drive 3501-LTORefurbished30975 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg LTO3 SCSI HH Internal Tape Drive 820LTORefurbished47475 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg LTO 2 HH SCSI Internal Tape Drive 420LTORefurbished20625 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg SLR 5 SCSI Internal Tape DriveRefurbished16425 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg SLR 2 SCSI Internal Tape Drive TDC3820Refurbished16425 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg LTO6 HH SAS Internal Tape Drive 3534-LTORefurbished144375 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg 3535-LTO LTO6 SAS External Tape DriveRefurbished93750 Buy
TANDBERGHP/Tandberg LTO5 Internal SAs Tape Drive 7222 1.5/3.0 TB for T40, 1U and MagnumRefurbished66675 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg LTO4 HH Internal Tape drive LTO Ultrium 800/1600 GB SCSI LVD 3501-LTORefurbished36675 Buy
TANDBERGTandberg LTO4 HH Internal Tape drive 800/1600 GB SAS 3504-LTO EB665C#353Refurbished36675 Buy