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SmartElex IOT Product

SmartElex IOT Product

Brand: SmartElex Model: RLS05

SmartElex RLS05 Line Follower Sensor ModuleFeatures:Fast response timeHigh sensitivity5 Analog and 5 Digital Output signals with Respective LED.Each IR has an indicating LED (D0-D4).Available 5V and Ground pin.Available SPI and Serial communication Pins...
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Brand: SmartElex Model: SmartElex 10D Raspberry Pi

SmartElex 10D DC Motor Driver HAT for Raspberry PiFeatures:Wide 6V to 28V motor Operating Voltage.Continuous 10A maximum current without Heatsink and 30A peak current for 10 seconds.Two brushed DC motor Bidirectional control.Current limiting at 35A.PWM frequency up to 32KHzSupport TTL PWM from the m..
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