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Refurbished RAM at cheap prices | DDR4 and DDR3 refurbished RAM | Refurbish

RAM or Random Access Memory is a crucial component in both desktops and laptops. Buying a refurbished RAM is easy in the market. Most of the users prefer using a DDR3 refurbished ram because of the requirement.


Why buy Refurbished RAM? 

RAM or Random Access Memory helps in storing the data for the short term. Storing short term data allows user to work on specific tasks in an easy way. 

The technology has evolved to a great extent in the RAM department. Therefore, there are different types of RAM found in the market. Finding the best type of ram is essential because it supports other components in the computer while functioning.

Multitasking is a vital part for every user because it increases productivity eventually. The modern-day computer user prefers using a powerful computer because it helps in multitasking. More memory is required, as more programs are running in the system.  

Not many people prefer buying brand new RAM because of cost and efficiency. The refurbished market allows users to buy RAM at cheap prices. A refurbished RAM comes with similar features to a brand new product. So, it is recommended to use in both domestic and commercial segments.

Refurbished Ram is the used ram that is revived by cleaning, repairing, and replacing dead components. Refurbished RAM gives faster speed and more capacity RAM which will help to increase performance on desktop or laptop.

The power or electricity problem is still found in many countries. There is no solution to the power problem unless you have a UPS. RAM helps you in storing data for a short term purpose. Therefore, having RAM is essential for every computer to function effectively.

Different types of RAM

Nowadays every user needs a powerful computer for multi-tasking. For a powerful computer, proper RAM is required. Hence, choosing the correct RAM is very essential for a computer.

There are two main types of RAM:

  • Static RAM

  • Dynamic RAM

Static RAM (SRAM) is a RAM that stores data and retains the data as long as the computer is ON. It refreshes the data when the computer turns OFF or when the power is cut. Hence, static RAM is used less in modern computers.

Dynamic RAM (DRAM) is the most commonly used RAM in modern-computer as it stores the data in a memory cell which helps the data to retain even after the computer turns OFF or in case of a power cut. Hence, dynamic RAM is a very essential component for a powerful computer.

DDR3 RAM and DDR4 RAM are the most recommended dynamic RAM for modern-computer for multitasking purposes.

What is DDR3 refurbished RAM?

DDR3 (Double Data Rate 3) RAM was introduced in 2007 as SDRAM that is used in the computer. DDR3 RAM gives faster and uses less power compared to DDR and DDR2 RAM. Hence, DDR3 refurbished RAM can be used to have a better performance in the system at a cheap price.

Evaluation of technology has increased the performance and data transfer rate of RAM. DDR3 RAM can transfer data at the rate of 6400 MB per second. Hence, most of the users prefer DDR3 Refurbished RAM as compared to DDR2 because of the faster transfer rate and less power consumption.  

As the evaluation of RAM took place, the cost of RAM has increased. Refurbished DDR3 RAM offers the same speed and performance as the new DDR3 RAM. Therefore, the users can prefer to buy Refurbished DDR3 RAM over new DDR3 RAM. 

What is DDR4 refurbished RAM?

DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) RAM was introduced in 2014 by Samsung. This RAM is an advanced version of DDR3 RAM. It gives better performance and a faster data transfer rate as compared to DDR3 RAM. 

DDR4 RAM has improved capacity and performance scalability. It offers a transfer data rate of 24000 MB per second and less power consumption. So, DDR4 RAM is used on all the desktops and laptops for better performance. 

Nowadays the computer is used for multi-tasking and larger data transfer. The users can’t afford a good RAM for a cheap price. Refurbished DDR4 RAM provides the same data transfer rate and the same performance as the new DDR4 RAM. Thus, users can buy refurbished DDR4 RAM at a cheap price.

Second-hand RAM for workstations

  • Refurbished RAM for Laptops

  • Refurbished RAM for Desktops

Refurbished RAM for Laptops

A refurbished RAM offers the same performance and same data transfer rate. The user who wants to upgrade their laptop’s RAM can prefer refurbished RAM. Refurbished RAM is available at a cheap price and it helps to protect the environment by reusing and recycling. Hence, the user can prefer refurbished RAM for upgrading their laptop.

Refurbished RAM for Desktops

The desktop is expected to perform more tasks as compared to laptops. The user can upgrade the performance by adding a new RAM to the CPU. Refurbished RAM is available at a cheaper price and gives the same performance as new RAM. The user having a low budget can prefer refurbished RAM for upgrading the performance of the desktop.

Benefits of using Refurbished RAM in India

  • Cost-Effective

  • Easy availability

  • Less maintenance 


Cost is the most important aspect before buying a product. The users prefer good quality at a cheap price. The cost of refurbished RAM is low as compared to new RAM. Refurbished RAM gives the same performance as a new RAM. The user can enjoy the same performance RAM at a cheap price.

Easy availability

Availability of any product is one of the important aspects because it involves the investment of time. A refurbished RAM can be easily available in the online market or any offline computer store selling second-hand products. Hence, finding a refurbished RAM is not a difficult task.

Less maintenance

Maintenance is one of the crucial parameters to check because it involves investment. Hence, users prefer buying a quality product with less maintenance. The majority of the refurbished RAMs from marketplaces arrive in mint condition, which helps in reducing the cost over time.

Brand: HP Model: 331562-051

331562-051 HP 1GB 333Mhz PC2700 DDR CL2.5 RAM ECC Registered  General Warranty 90 Days Part Number 331562-051 Blade Server Memory Type PC2700 RAM RAM Capacity 1GB..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹700
Brand: HP Model: 398706-051

 398706-551 HP 1GB 667MHz PC2-5300F DDR2 CL5 Ram ECC Registered General Warranty 90 Days Part Number 398706-051 Blade Server Memory Type DDR2 RAM RAM Capacity 1GB..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹1,250
Brand: HP Model: 398707-051

398707-051 HP 2GB 667MHz PC2-5300F DDR2 CL5 Ram ECC Fully Buffered  General Warranty 90 Days Part Number 398707-051 Blade Server Memory Type DDR2 RAM RAM Capacity ..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹1,350
Brand: HP Model: 499277-061

Warranty    90 Days Part Number    499277-061 Model    90 Days Compatibility    4GB Blade Server Memory Type    DDR2 RAM RAM Rank    1x4GB..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹3,325
Brand: HP Model: 500666-B21

 500666-B21 HP 16gb PC3-8500 ram General Warranty 90 Days Part Number 500666-B21 Blade Server Memory Type DDR3 RAM RAM Capacity 16GB RAM Rank 4RX4..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹5,300
Brand: HP Model: AB565AX

 AB565AX HP 2GB 533Mhz PC-4200 DDR2 CL4 Ram ECC Registered General Warranty 90 Days Part Number AB565AX Blade Server Memory Type DDR2 RAM RAM Capacity 2GB ..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹2,400
Brand: HP Model: AB565BX

AB565BX HP 2gb 533mhz pc2-4200 ddr2 cl4 AB565BX ecc registered  General Warranty 90 Days Part Number AB565BX Blade Server Memory Type DDR2 RAM RAM Capacity 2GB ..
Sold by: parts-spares

Ex Tax:₹2,000
Brand: Dataram Model: PC2-5300F-555-11-AB1

Dataram 4GB 2RX4 PC2-5300F-555-11-AB1 FDDM Ram..
Sold by: AVMComputersandElectronic

Ex Tax:₹1,786
Brand: Dell Model: X1560

Dell - 256mb 400mhz Pc2-3200 240-pin Dimm 1rx8 Cl3 Ecc Registered Ddr2 Sdram Memory..
Sold by: Tulip

Ex Tax:₹6,480
Brand: Dell Model: Uw727

Dell - 512mb 533mhz Pc2-4200 240-pin Dimm 1rx8 Fully Buffered Ddr2 Sdram Memory..
Sold by: Tulip

Ex Tax:₹7,160
Brand: Dell Model: 12C23

Dell 16GB 1866MHz PC3-14900R 2Rx4 Memory 12C23..
Sold by: parts-spares