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MaxBotix MB1340 XL-MaxSonar-AE4 Ultrasonic Sensor

MaxBotix MB1340 XL-MaxSonar-AE4 Ultrasonic Sensor
MaxBotix MB1340 XL-MaxSonar-AE4 Ultrasonic Sensor
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Warranty TermsThis product will be covered with a standard warranty of 30 Days from the time of delivery against manufacturing defects only. Refunds or replacements will be done against manufacturing defects. Warranty Voids if the product is misused, tampered with, static discharge, physical damage or burnt, water damage, use of chemicals & soldered or altered in any way.
Warranty30 Days

MaxBotix MB1340 XL-MaxSonar-AE4 Ultrasonic Sensor


  1. Read from all 3 sensor outputs: Analog Voltage, RS232 Serial, Analog Envelope
  2. Virtually no dead zone, objects closer than 20 cm range as 20 cm
  3. Small, lightweight module
  4. Designed for easy integration into your project or product
  5. Real-time automatic calibration (voltage, humidity, ambient noise)

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