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Light/color Sensor

Brand: Generic Model: TCS3200

TCS3200 Color Recognition Sensor Module for MCU ArduinoFeatures-High-resolution conversion of light intensity to frequency.Chip pins all has drawn for standard 100.Put the needle (2.54 mm).Mil-convenient for bitmap board.Programmable color and full-scale output frequency.Communicate directly with a ..
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Brand: Generic Model: SUNX PM-L44 U-slot

SUNX PM-L44 U-slot type Small Photoelectric SensorFeatures-Supply Voltage: 5V to 24VCurrent Consumption: 15mA or lessNPN Open-Collector TransistorMaximum sink current: 50 mAResidual voltage:  0.7 V or less (at 50 mA sink current)0.4 V or less (at 16 mA sink current)TWO Output:  Light-ONDar..
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: AS7265x

SparkFun Triad Spectroscopy Sensor AS7265xFeatures-Operating Voltage(VDC): 3.3Operating current(mA): 5.Selectable interface: I2C or Serial (115200bps).18 frequencies of light-sensing from 410nm to 940nm.28.6 nW/cm2 per count.Accuracy of ±12%.Integrated 405nm UV, 5700k White, and 875nm IR LEDs...
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Brand: SeeedStudio Model: SeeedStudio Grove UV Sensor

SeeedStudio Grove UV SensorFeatures-High stabilityGood SensitivityLow power consumptionSchottky type photodiode sensorWide response rangeGrove Interface..
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Brand: Generic Model: SeeedStudio Grove Luminance Sensor

SeeedStudio Grove Luminance SensorFeatures-    Grove – Luminance Sensor detects the intensity of the ambient light on a surface area. It uses APDS-9002 analog output ambient light photosensor. This has responsivity closer to the human eye.    This Lu..
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Brand: SeeedStudio Model: SeeedStudio Grove Light Sensor v1.2

SeeedStudio Grove Light Sensor v1.2Features-Analog value outputHigh reliability and sensibilitySmall footprintRecognizes a wide spectrumEasy to use..
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Brand: SeeedStudio Model: SeeedStudio Grove I2C Color Sensor v2.0

SeeedStudio Grove I2C Color Sensor v2.0Features-Grove compatible interface16-Bit digital output with I2CSYNC Input Synchronizes Integration Cycle to Modulated Light SourcesOperating temperature range -40°C to 85°CProgrammable interrupt function with User-Defined Upper and lower threshold settingsRoH..
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Brand: Generic Model: PT334-6C

PT334-6C 5mm Phototransistor (Pack of 10)Features-It is a PT334-6C 5mm Phototransistor. PT334-6C is a high speed and high sensitive silicon NPN epitaxial planar phototransistor in a standard 5Φ package. Due to is water clear epoxy the device is sensitive to visible and near-infrared radiat..
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Brand: Generic Model: Photosensitive Resistor Sensor Module for Arduino

Photosensitive Resistor Sensor Module for ArduinoFeatures-The photosensitive device, its photocurrent increases with the applied voltage.the temperature coefficient. Photoelectric effect photoresistor influenced by temperature, partial photoresistor optoelectronic at low temperaturesHigher sensitivi..
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Brand: Generic Model: LM393

LM393 Photosensitive Light-Dependent Control Sensor LDR ModuleFeatures-It comes with Mounting Hole Screw.Easy to installSignal output indicator light.LDR module 4 PINAble to detect ambient brightness and light intensity Adjustable sensitivity (via blue digital potentiometer adjustment)Output: DO dig..
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Brand: Generic Model: GYML8511

GYML8511 Analog Output Ultra-Violet Light Sensor ModuleFeatures-Photodiode sensitive to UV-A and UV-BEmbedded operational amplifierAnalog voltage outputLow supply current (300uA type) and low standby current (0.1uA type)..
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Brand: Generic Model: GY-31 TCS3200

GY-31 TCS3200 Color Sensor ModuleFeatures-High-Resolution Conversion of Light Intensity to FrequencyProgrammable Color and Full-Scale Output FrequencyPower Down FeatureStable Temperature CoefficientCan be directly interfaced with a Microcontroller..
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