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HP Z420 WorkStation for Desktop - Budget

HP Z420 WorkStation for Desktop - Budget
HP Z420 WorkStation for Desktop - Budget
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  • Model: HP Z420
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Warranty90 Days
ModelHP Z420
Graphic Card
Graphic Card MemoryNVIDIA Quadro 600
Hard Disk
Hard Disk Capacity1 TB 3.5'' 7200 RPM SATA
Processor TypeIntel Xeon Hexa Core Processor E5-1650 Total 6 Cores & 12 Threads HT ( CPU's )
Number of RAM Supported4
Memory Installed32 GB PC3 Memory
Number of Hard Disk Installed1
Hard Disk Form Factor3.5''

HP Z420 WorkStation Price in India for Desktop - Budget

Explore online HP Z420 WorkStation Price in India for Desktop with 90 days warranty and shipping across India.

HP Z420 WorkStation Price in India for Desktop and their Specifications

  • Processor Type - Intel Xeon Hexa Core Processor E5-1650 Total 6 Cores & 12 Threads HT ( CPU's )
  • RAM Type - DDR3
  • Number of RAM Supported - 4
  • Memory Installed - 32 GB PC3 Memory
  • Number of Hard Disk Installed - 1
  • Hard Disk Form Factor - 3.5''

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Workstation are massive equipment that looks similar to desktop CPUs. Most of the Workstation are known to have a heavy-duty configuration that suffices commercial requirements easily. The configuration requirements vary from residential users to commercial users. 

HP Z420 WorkStation for Desktop - Budget comes in multiple variants that can be used based on the actual requirement. Hence, it is recommended for users to figure out the configuration before buying the HP Z420 WorkStation for Desktop - Budget. Buying new workstations may be a challenging task because of cost and management. 

Not every Workstation expert can manage a new technology workstation as fluently as an old one. Some modern-day workstations are equipped with advanced technology spares, and therefore, having the right personnel helps you find ways to fix it from time to time. 

The architecture used in the modern-day workstations are entirely different from the classic ones. This plays a vital role for users to buy because it would need an expert team to handle and manage effectively.

Workstation are indeed an expensive product compared to domestic or residential CPUs. But, that does not mean that workstations work perfectly and are suitable for every individual. It is unnecessary to have high powered workstations in a residential environment because it consumes more electricity and is expensive to manage.

Warranty Options

It is a fact that most of the products exiting from reputed companies carry along with a warranty for users. A standard warranty provided for any product offers better quality compared to the other way around.

Xfurbish is one of the reputed marketplaces to buy Enterprise IT products at reasonable prices. We offer products at low costs and provide a standard warranty to enjoy the durability of the product.

Our enterprise IT products have gone through a stringent quality process to ensure the product's safe and sound delivery. Therefore, We confidently provide a standard warranty to keep consumers away from insecurity.

It is recommended to have a standard warranty either from the manufacturer or from the marketplace. Xfurbish is backed with a quality team engaged in testing the quality of the product before shipping it to our consumers. This has given a lot of reputation for the company over some time.

Xfurbish offers a standard warranty on HP Z420 WorkStation for Desktop - Budget for 90 Days. Therefore, you have all the reasons to buy and enjoy the durability.


Supporting after sales is one of the important for every business to protect their customer’s interest. Xfurbish is thriving to gain a reputation in the market with the help of best practices offered by any marketplaces across the world. 

Our team of customer support specialists ensures to support buyers with maximum support within six months. Proper support gives you a lot of peace both in terms of functionalities and performance. 

We have a dedicated team trained and experienced to handle every consumer complaint with powerful interests. It helps us gain reputation and customers' confidence while buying products in the future.

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Shipping Information across India

Unlike western countries, it isn't easy to cover every part of the country with an effective shipping option. It is essential to check the delivery option before taking the order because not every shipping company supports it.

Xfurbish has stretched its hand longer and is associated with multiple courier companies to reach out to consumers at the earliest. We have tied up with some of the top-rated courier companies across India, who have the bandwidth to ship products to different parts of the country in a quick time.

We are also located in multiple places across the country. This helps us in procuring the product earlier to start the shipping process. We are merged with various companies to find the product in a quick time. Our presence in multiple locations has enabled us to source the product and efficiently finish the transaction.

This gives us enough time to validate and complete a stringent quality process before shipping the product to the consumer. 

Why Buy Refurbished Products?

Refurbished products have a value of their own because of various factors. Not many people in India are aware of refurbished products and its advantages, but it's not the same in western countries. The majority of people in western countries prefer using refurbished products because of various reasons. It not only helps us in saving plenty of money but also eco-friendly and saves electronic waste.

There is a list of benefits found from refurbished Workstation. If you are looking forward to buying in India, you should be looking out for a reputable marketplace that sells refurbished Enterprise IT products at low costs.

The difference between a brand new product and a refurbished product is minimal. But, it is essential to know a few factors to avoid being disappointed. Refurbished products are not exactly a used product, but they are discarded from selling new for different reasons.

There were days when people were afraid of using refurbished products because of warranty concerns. Now, you will have an option to buy a refurbished product at low costs without compromising on the performance and the Warranty.

Top benefits of using refurbished products over new products

  • Cost friendly

  • Easy to use

  • Low-cost maintenance

Why Buy Workstation from Xfurbish?

HP Z420 WorkStation for Desktop - Budget has a tremendous amount of demand in the market because of unique specifications and functionalities. You don't need to determine the exact use of the product in an effective way. It is widely suggested for people to explore different kinds of workstations found in the marketplace. Proper research across the site helps you buy the right product without affecting the price and the performance.

The workstations are configured well in advance to serve the customer effectively. Most of the workstations are configured to serve high-end functionalities. Therefore, it is essential to look for a perfect workstation.

 Xfurbish has reputed sellers in the marketplace, qualified to offer products without compromising the quality. 

What is Xfurbish?

Xfurbish believes in recycling items to save the planet. We have been working on using recycled products without affecting the quality of work. 

Xfurbish is a marketplace that helps consumers to buy products from sellers directly. This not only helps sellers sell products but also allows buyers to purchase rare components at affordable prices. Xfurbish is in the market for a long time and has a list of reputed and trustworthy sellers. Therefore, it is safe to buy products without compromising on quality.

Our goal at Xfurbish is to ensure your complete satisfaction. That's why all of our refurbished Workstation and refurbished networking equipment are covered by India 90 days Warranty. The Warranty lets you rest, knowing that your product is protected when refurbished servers online, smart IT solutions with your business.

Benefits of buying from Xfurbish

  • Standard Warranty 

  • Trustworthy sellers

  • Reputed organization

  • Organized Marketplace

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