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EMC VNX5300 STPE15 25x600GB HDD Disk Storage Enclosure 900-567-002

EMC VNX5300 STPE15 25x600GB HDD Disk Storage Enclosure 900-567-002
EMC VNX5300 STPE15 25x600GB HDD Disk Storage Enclosure 900-567-002
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  • Model: 900-567-002
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  • MPN: VNX5300 STPE15
  • XSIN: 77INS1HQS8
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Warranty90 days
Disk Storage
Number of Hard Disk Supported25
Number of Hard Disk Inserted25
Disk Storage Form Factor4U

EMC VNX5300 STPE15 Disk Storage Enclosure 900-567-002 

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