If you own a Vivo phone, you probably know that sometimes things can go wrong. Whether it's a cracked screen, a malfunctioning camera, or a dead battery, these issues can be frustrating and make it difficult to use your phone. However, with the right spare parts and some basic knowledge, you can easily fix many of these problems yourself.

In this ultimate guide to Vivo spare parts, we'll cover everything you need to know to get started with repairing your phone.

Vivo spare parts Mobiles list

V17 Russia
V5 Plus 
Vivo T2x 5G
V1 Max
V19 Neo
V23 5G
Vivo T2 5G
V11 Pro
V23 Pro
Vivo V27 Pro
V20 Pro
V7 Plus
Vivo V27
V20 Pro 5G
V23e 5G
Vivo Y56 5G
V20 SE
V9 Pro
Vivo Y100
V15 Pro
V25 Pro
Vivo S1
Vivo Y22
V21 5G
S10 ProVivo Y16
V17 Neo
V3 Max
S12 Pro
Vivo V25 5G
V17 Pro         
V21E 5G        
V5 Lite           
S15 Pro         
Vivo Y35 4G

Types of Vivo Spare Parts

Vivo phones have several different spare parts that can be replaced if they get damaged. 

Screen assembly: 

This includes the display, touch panel, and frame.


The battery is responsible for powering your phone and can be easily replaced if it's not holding a charge.

Camera module: 

This includes both the front and rear cameras on your phone.

Charging port:

The charging port on your phone might need to be changed if it is not charging properly.

Speaker and microphone: 

These components are responsible for audio input and output on your phone.

Back cover: 

If your phone's back cover is cracked or damaged, you can replace it with a new one.

How to Identify Genuine Vivo, Spare Parts

When it comes to replacing Vivo spare parts, it's essential to use genuine parts from the manufacturer. This ensures that the parts are high-quality and designed specifically for your phone. Here are some tips for identifying genuine Vivo spare parts:

Check the packaging: 

Genuine Vivo spare parts usually come in sealed packaging with a holographic sticker that indicates authenticity.

Look for the Vivo logo:

 Genuine Vivo spare parts will have the Vivo logo on them.

Check the part number: 

Each Vivo spare part has a unique part number that can be verified with the manufacturer.

How to Replace Vivo Spare Parts

Replacing Vivo spare parts is relatively easy, and you can do it with some basic tools. 

  • Remove the back cover from your phone and turn it off.

  • Locate the component you want to replace and remove it by unscrewing any screws or disconnecting any cables.

  • Replace the old component with the new one and secure it with screws or cables.

  • Reattach the back cover and turn your phone back on.

It's important to note that some components may require more specialized tools and knowledge to replace, such as screen assembly. In these cases, it may be best to take your phone to a professional repair service.

Where to Buy Vivo Spare Parts

You can buy Vivo spare parts from a variety of sources, including manufacturers, third-party retailers, and online marketplaces. It's essential to choose a reputable seller that sells genuine parts to ensure that you get the best quality components for your phone.

How to Identify Genuine Vivo Spare Parts from Counterfeit Ones

It's essential to use genuine Vivo spare parts when repairing your phone to ensure the best performance and longevity. However, counterfeit parts are common, and it can be challenging to distinguish them from genuine parts. Here are some tips for identifying genuine Vivo spare parts from counterfeit ones:

Buy from Authorized Sellers

The best way to ensure that you're getting genuine Vivo spare parts is to buy them from authorized sellers. Vivo has a list of authorized sellers on its website, and you can also find them in official Vivo stores. Avoid buying from unknown sources or unauthorized sellers, as they are more likely to sell counterfeit parts.

Check for the Vivo Logo

Genuine Vivo spare parts will have the Vivo logo on them, usually on the back of the part. The logo should be clear, well-defined, and correctly positioned. If the logo looks faded, blurry, or off-center, it's likely a counterfeit part.

Verify the Part Number

Each Vivo spare part has a unique part number that can be verified with the manufacturer. You can check the part number on the packaging or the part itself and compare it to the official Vivo website. If the part number doesn't match, it's likely a counterfeit part.

Look for the Hologram Sticker

Genuine Vivo spare parts usually come in sealed packaging with a hologram sticker that indicates authenticity. The sticker should be intact, and the image should be clear and well-defined. If the sticker is missing, damaged, or looks different from the official Vivo sticker, it's likely a counterfeit part.

Check the Price

Counterfeit parts are often sold at a lower price than genuine parts, so if you see a deal that's too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious of very low prices, as they could be an indication that the part is counterfeit.


In conclusion, using genuine Vivo spare parts for your phone repairs is essential to ensure the best performance and longevity of your device. Counterfeit parts can cause damage to your phone, which can be costly and sometimes irreversible. Therefore, it's crucial to identify genuine Vivo spare parts from counterfeit ones. By buying from authorized sellers, checking for the Vivo logo and part number, looking for the hologram sticker, and being cautious of low prices, you can ensure that you're getting genuine parts for your Vivo phone repairs. Always prioritize the quality of spare parts to get the best out of your device and avoid any unwanted troubles.