Xfurbish is an eCommerce site that focuses mainly on electronic components, mobiles, laptops, and their internal components. Xfurbish offers a wide range of products, for B2B and B2C customers. It delivers quality products maintains high standards and makes sure that the seller follows all the policy-related rules and regulations. Continue to read below to know further on how to sell your products, and grow your business with Xfurbish check the process details.

Steps to Sell on Xfurbish

Register your Business:


Open the Xfurbish website, and register your business account. After registering, login with your credentials. Open My account and a dashboard appears, where you can see options like My profile, My products, etc. Enter your business details in the My profile section. You can sell on XFurbish as an   Individual or a business owner, all that you need is relevant documents for the business and identity proofs. 

Product Listing process:

Check for the My products tab in the dashboard, and upload the details of your product with appropriate pictures, description of the product, and mention the usage of the product and the warranty if any. Also check this video of Xfurbish for more details on how to enter the product details, description, and listing of the product according to the category. It shows a clear step-by-step procedure for the complete product listing procedure. 

The product listing cannot be empty, it has to have a description or details regarding the brand and the model of the product. Blank Listing or duplicate listings are not allowed. Also, there are some guidelines to follow, like Branding, title, manufacturing details, warranty, etc. have to be mentioned in the description part.

Know the Categories of Xfurbish:

It is known that Xfurbish is an eCommerce site, which sells refurbished electronic components of laptops and mobile spare parts. But, do we know all the parts of the mobiles or laptops or servers? Maybe not. Try to check all the categories mentioned on the website, and check where your product fits. There are many product categories like 

  • Servers
  • Disk storage
  • Work station
  • Tape storage
  • Networking
  • Monitors, UPS, and Software
  • Laptop Accessories
  • All other parts, Desktops, Printers
  • Mobile spare parts 
  • Sensors and Electronic boards

Check with the brand and the model and enter the details properly according to their relevant category. 

Shipping and Logistics:

When the order is placed by the consumer, the next process is shipping, the seller needs to understand the shipping process and the logistics behind the product. The product has to reach the consumer within the estimated date mentioned. Before packing the product, the seller needs to ensure that the product meets all the specifications mentioned in the Description of the website. In order to have a safe and timely delivery, have a connection with a reliable logistics delivery, which has tracking facilities. 

Study the various stages of the product delivery, from adding the product to consumer rating on the product. In order to have a good review, it should fulfill certain standards like delivery on time, proper packaging and tracking facilities, stock details, and quality of the product as mentioned in the description. Sellers are responsible for the packaging and the shipping logistics and Xfurbish will guide you further if needed any help.

 Orders and Payments:

The pricing on the product has to be clearly mentioned the shipping cost, whether it is free or not. All the digital payments like credit cards, debit cards, and Netbanking/payment UPI are accepted, also there is an XF wallet for payments. Product payouts will be issued only after the completion of 14 days of order status, to ensure if any returns are placed in this time gap. 

In case of any branding change, or couldn't fulfill the order specifications as mentioned in the description, then the seller needs to first contact Xfurbish regarding the issue so that they could convey the same to the consumer. You can 

Return or Cancellation Policy can be claimed within 7 days and the seller should actively reply within 24 hours. It should meet the return policy standards of Xfurbish. The seller needs to ship the replacement product within 2 days of receiving the product, and the replacement details have to be shared, informed, and approved by the consumer. Any payment rejections or failures have to be checked and informed in a span of 7 days. 

The refund is initiated after resolving the problem from the Xfurbish team, and any refund claimed after the return time cannot be accepted. 

Any further information regarding the Seller Policy r the conditions regarding a refund is further explained on the Xfurbish site.

 Fee Policy on Xfurbish:

There is no Registration fee or Listing fee on Xfurbish to sell your products. This is an Online store that is free to access, and you can market your products freely across the globe. Refurbish includes three types of fees

Insertion fee: 

Xfurbish doesn’t charge any Insertion fee, for listing your products. The insertion fee is also called a listing fee, for relisting the product, whenever you enter a new product into a specific category. Some websites charge the sellers, for relisting products, and some give free of 50-100 per month. Here at Xfurbish, you can list up to 1000 products under a category without any charge.

Commission fee:

The commission fee is the percentage of the ordered item value, which differs based on the product, and its category. Xfurbish charges around 13% on the total order value, which excludes GST charges and includes the payment gateway.  

Store selling fee:

Xfurbish doesn't charge any seller for registering on the website, and there is no other hidden fee or storage fee.

Benefits of selling on XFurbish:

  • Selling on Xfurbish is an easy and affordable process, which is beneficial for any seller. The fee policy is mentioned clearly and there is no extra fee or hidden fee charged after registering. 
  • The products are marketed freely across the globe, International shipping, and growth in your business.
  • There are no time barriers as it is an International Online market, you can add, and sell any product all through the year 24/7.  
  • Listing of products is easy, as the pop-up shows you related items and guides you regarding the brand and the model. 
  • Seller policy is maintained and seller protection is made with respect to the payments or reviews by the consumers.
  • The search engine acts quite impressive, with a top listing of the product on the search bar based on the rating, review, and relevancy of what the buyer searches for.
  • Xfurbish provides equal opportunities for all the sellers and protects them from risks.

For a safer selling experience choose Xfurbish with affordable prices, following required standards, and maintaining all the policies. Xfurbish is an all-in-one destination for all your electronic components for laptops, mobiles, and desktops