Server means exceptionally performing machine in computer, known as Client, with Different Kinds of Servers.

Servers can operate on various computer systems, but adequate hardware should be supported as per the demands of your servers.

Servers help run many web pages in real-time, so this server needs the fastest processor & adequate RAM to manage massive Load.

Refurbished Tower Server software is designed for a specific kind of server, in which hardware isn't a significant concern.

For example, if you let a PC generate connections over the home network, it's designated a print server, file server, or more.

The server needs the minimum necessary two software elements like a working program and Application.

The server's operating system will also provide a better communication environment between clients and server programs.


Different Kinds of Servers

  • Tower servers
  • Blade servers
  • Application servers
  • Client servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • FTP server
  • File server
  • Print servers
  • DNS servers
  • Database servers
  • List servers
  • Mail servers
  • Audio & video servers
  • Online gaming Server
  • Fax servers
  • Groupware servers
  • IRC servers
  • News servers
  • Open source servers
  • Proxy servers
  • Transaction servers
  • Cloud servers

Tower Servers

Tower servers are like an ordinary desktop computer system, but it contains several server hardware components.

Nowadays, tower servers are available in various shapes that offer lots of processing power, and you don't need to buy any additional mounting hardware.

Multiple servers can be set up in this single rackmount server chassis. The main objective of developing it is to control and host business solutions, and these kinds of servers are used in data centers.

Blade Servers

Traditional computer server hardware will be enlarged as well as using different heavy elements of the host.

But today, these days, by eliminating hard disk drives, internal warming, and continuing miniaturization of computing parts, these types of servers have been converted into single slender servers called "Blade Servers".

We disperse light on the Different Kinds of servers for web development.

Application Servers

Primarily, application servers are all used to make links between database clients and server machines. Therefore it is also known as "Middleware". When users attempt to open any website in their browsers within the network, all data is exchanged between browser and server using HTTP.

Client Servers

Client-server such as a particular software help fulfill all requests from a client machine or a different machine.

Dedicated Servers

This type of server is designed to meet the demand for a particular network differently from clients. For instance User cover rent for the Internet and server connections for running sites on the web host. Now this server won't perform other tasks instead of that.

FTP Servers

It stands for"File Transfer Protocol"; however, It's traditional technology. FTP provides secure file transport in between multiple computer systems.

File Servers

These servers enable saving and distributing files, so all clients and users can share file hold on the host. File server hardware is designed for getting more optimized read and write speed for improving its performance.


Print Servers

The print server helps to control many Printers and various software applications, media devices, and other computers. Mainly, this server is used for large offices since multiple men must print. The printer server will get print jobs instructions from your PCs and transfer these tasks to suitable printers.

DNS Servers

It stands for "Domain Name Server", and this server has an enlarged database of IP addresses with their connected Hostnames.

On the DNS servers, to run exclusive software programs and communicate with each other with appropriate protocols.

Database Servers

Database server permits customers to send SQL requests as messages toward the server, and finally, the output of your question is returned over the network.

List Servers

List servers provide the best service for managing Enlarge email lists, and such types of servers offer interactive talks openly for the public that provide announcements, newsletters, or advertising.

Mail Servers

It will help send and store all mails over corporate networks through LANs, WANs, and the Internet.

Audio/Video Server

This machine helps deliver multimedia skills for various websites by assisting users in moving streaming multimedia information.

Online Gaming Servers

Nowadays, gaming servers are becoming more popular since these servers assist in establishing connections of thousands of gamers worldwide using external servers for accessing all gambling data.

Chat server offers a better environment for individuals to share their informative data and provides real-time discussion board capacities.


Fax Servers

Large businesses use this FAX Server because it helps to reduce all outbound and inbound telephone resources as FAX hosts are a perfect solution.

Groupware Servers

Groupware is a unique software program developed for people who want to work in a virtual environment without their place constraints.

IRC Servers

IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat", and it includes several independent networks of servers that permit users to create connections with each other through the IRC network.

News Servers

News server helps to serve as a supply and delivery source for many public newsgroups, approachable within the USENET news community.

Open Source Servers

From your inherent open-source server operating system to the host software that enables you to get your job completed, open-source applications are a critical part of many IT infrastructures.

Proxy Servers

It plays the role of a middle layer between the customer machine and outside server to purify all requests, and it helps boost its performance and share connections.

Transaction Servers

Transaction servers will help perform SQL statements that are becoming fail or successes in the form of units. Applications dependent on the transaction servers are called "Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)".

Cloud Servers

This server functions as a virtual server in the cloud computing platform such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

These kinds of servers are more scalable, fastest, and highly protective. All media devices have to be accurately synchronized.

It manages most of the timekeeping regulations, and so this server has accurate GPS and atomic clocks.


A server is a computer program or device that provides a service to another computer program and its user, also known as the Client. There are Different kinds of servers mentioned above, and the physical computer that a server program runs on is also frequently referred to as a server.