• A second-hand laptop is a laptop that is returned or sold without any type of restoration. Hence in its original state.
  • They can be advantageous in terms of cost, environment, keeping up technology, and less maintenance.
  • These laptops have a warranty on them, but depending on the condition and the age may vary.
  • The best second-hand laptop price has one of the best conditions and specifications. Thus, making it popular.

Best second-hand laptop price in India

1. Refurbished HP EliteBook X360 1030 G2 Laptop

  • An HP model Laptop has the best uses for professional and personal because of its specifics.
  • An EliteBook series and 360-degree rotatable screen in a silver body give a cool look. 
  • Firstly, they have 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD hard disk memory with a 13.3-inch screen.
  • Secondly, an Intel core i7 7th gen processor and a touchscreen give an easy-to-use laptop.
  • This second-hand laptop price is around 10k to 15k.

2. Refurbished HP Pavillion 2022 Laptop

  • A classic HP laptop that is famous for being in professional use because of the specifications they offer.
  • It has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD hard disk memory. Therefore, enough for a family laptop.
  • Moreover, they have an Intel core i5 9th gen processor in a Windows 10 operating system.
  • This second-hand laptop price swings around 15k.

3. Refurbished ASUS Vivobook Laptop

  • A popular Asus laptop is known for being a professional, personal, and student laptop because of its multitasking capacity.
  • They come with 8GB RAM and 1TB hard disk memory, enough space for different works.
  • Moreover, its Intel core i5 4th gen processor along 1.6GHz speed gives the ability to multitask.
  • It's a 15.6-inch high-resolution screen, and a long battery backup provides the best conditions for professional work.
  • This second-hand laptop price is around 20k bit expensive but worth the cost.

4. Refurbished Dell Latitude E7470 Laptop

  • DDR4 8GB RAM and 512GB SATA SSD hard disk give huge space for multitasking.
  • Furthermore, they have an Intel core i7 6th gen 2.6GHz speed processor for fast and smooth performance.
  • The 14-inch 2K HD screen with three USB ports provides convenience for any device.
  • This second-hand laptop price stands around a few thousand but has the best performance-to-cost ratio.

5. Refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad E480 Laptop

  • Lenovo Thinkpad has an Intel core i5 processor and a high-resolution antiglare 14-inch screen.
  • They come with DDR4 4GB RAM and 500GB SSD hard disk memory for integrated graphics.
  • They are easy to use because of the different ports system to provide connectivity.
  • This second-hand laptop price is a bit high but worth the cost.

6. Refurbished Dell Latitude E7440 Laptop

  • This Dell laptop’s multitasking capacity and battery backup are the reasons for being a professional laptop.
  • With Intel core i5 4th gen processor and 4GB RAM, they have fast and efficient working.
  • They come with 500GB SATA hard disk memory, and a 14.1-inch HD screen provides an advantage.
  • This second-hand laptop price wanders around a few thousand.

7. Refurbished HP ProBook 440 Laptop

  • They have an Intel core i5 2.5GHz processor speed for a high operating quiet laptop.
  • Its DDR4 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD hard disk memory are enough for all types of work.
  • Their 14-inch high resolution with quality graphics screen in a silver body is the best combination.
  • This second-hand laptop price is a budget-friendly and cost-effective product.

8. Refurbished ASUS R558UF Laptop


  • Their Intel core i5 2.3GHz speed processor and 4GB RAM support gaming.
  • It's a 1TB 5400RPM SATA hard disk with a 15.6-inch high-definition to help get a better experience.
  • They have an NVIDIA graphics coprocessor in matt black body color.
  • This second-hand laptop price is the best deal for such specifications.

9. Refurbished Dell XPS 9300 Laptop

  • A Dell laptop is known for its diversity in specification and cost. Hence, one can choose the best deal for them.
  • Firstly, their 8GB RAM and Intel core i5 processor give a multi-functional laptop.
  • However, they come with a 512GB hard disk on Windows 10 and a 13.3-inch HD screen.   
  • Overall, work and performance for different works make it popular among models.
  • This second-hand laptop price can be a bit expensive but reasonable for this model.

10. Refurbished ASUS 15 X515EA Laptop

  • This Asus laptop has the best price deal you can get as its performance-to-cost ratio is low.
  • Initially, their 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD hard disk memory are enough for high-end operation and multitasking.
  • They have an Intel core i3 and many special features like a fingerprint reader, webcam, etc.
  • Its 15.6-inch HD antiglare widescreen facilitates long working hours without any stress.
  • This second-hand laptop price is a low and long-lasting product.


Many Refurbished laptops come under warranty but vary among individuals, websites, and sellers.

There are a variety of specifications, budget levels, and types of laptops. Hence, one can find the right product.

So choose Refurbished laptops from a reliable source after doing your research to get the best deal.