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Brand: Arduino Model: PortentaH7

Arduino Portenta H7 Development Board The Arduino Portenta H7 is based on the STM32H747 microcontroller, XI series. Microcontroller STM32H747XI dual Cortex®-M7+M4 32bit low power ARM MCU  Radio module Murata 1DX dual WiFi 802.11b/g/n 65 Mb..
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Brand: Arduino Model: Arduino Due Board

Original Arduino Due BoardMicrocontrollerAT91SAM3X8EOperating Voltage3.3VInput Voltage (recommended)7-12VInput Voltage (limits)6-16VDigital I/O Pins54 (of which 12 provide PWM output)Analog Input Pins12Analog Output Pins2 (DAC)Total DC Output Current on all I/O lines130 mADC Current for 3.3V Pin800 ..
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Brand: Arduino Model: ATmega2560

Original Arduino Mega 2560 ATmega2560 MCU Rev3MicrocontrollerATmega2560Operating Voltage5VInput Voltage (recommended)7-12VInput Voltage (limit)6-20VDigital I/O Pins54 (of which 15 provide PWM output)Analog Input Pins16DC Current per I/O Pin20 mADC Current for 3.3V Pin50 mAFlash Memory256 KB of which..
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Brand: Arduino Model: Arduino Micro without Headers

Original Arduino Micro without HeadersMicrocontrollerATmega32U4Operating Voltage5VInput Voltage (recommended)7-9VInput Voltage (limit)6-9VDigital I/O Pins20PWM Channels7Analog Input Channels12DC Current per I/O Pin20 mADC Current for 3.3V Pin50 mAFlash Memory32 KB (ATmega32U4) of which 4 KB used by ..
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Brand: Arduino Model: MKR1010

Original Arduino MKR Wifi 1010 BoardThe Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 is based on the SAMD21 microcontroller.MicrocontrollerSAMD21 Cortex®-M0+ 32bit low power ARM MCU (datasheet)Radio moduleu-blox NINA-W102 (datasheet)Board Power Supply (USB/VIN)5VSecure ElementATECC508 (datasheet)Supported BatteryLi-P..
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Brand: Arduino Model: Nano

Original Arduino NanoSpecifications:-MicrocontrollerATmega328ArchitectureAVROperating Voltage5 VFlash Memory32 KB of which 2 KB used by bootloaderSRAM2 KBClock Speed16 MHzAnalog IN Pins8EEPROM1 KBDC Current per I/O Pins40 mA (I/O Pins)Input Voltage7-12 VDigital I/O Pins22 (6 of which are PWM)PWM Out..
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Brand: Arduino Model: Nano Every

Original Arduino Nano EveryThe Arduino Nano Every is based on the ATMega4809 microcontroller.MicrocontrollerATMega4809 (datasheet)Operating Voltage5VVIN min-MAX7-21VDC Current per I/O Pin20 mADC Current for 3.3V Pin50 mAClock Speed20MHzCPU Flash Memory48KB (ATMega4809)SRAM6KB (ATMega4809)EEPROM..
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Brand: Arduino Model: Uno Rev3

The Original Arduino Uno Rev3 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P.  It has six analog inputs and 14 digital input/output pins. A power jack, a USB connection, a 16 MegaHz ceramic resonator, a reset button, and an In-Circuit Serial Programming header. The user can get started by c..
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Brand: Arduino Model: UNO REV2

The Arduino Uno Wi-Fi Rev2 is an Uno Micro-controller Board With an Incorporated Wi-Fi module. The Uno WiFi Rev2 is designed to ease the installation of software that requires WiFi connectivity utilizing the timeless Arduino form variable and is perfect for emerging IoT (Web of Things) sectors like ..
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