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adic Autoloader loader, rackmount, tape drive, external Tape drive

adic Autoloader loader, rackmount, tape drive, external Tape drive

It is a fact that every machine requires a drive to insert the data in an effective way. There should be a source for people to insert a certain amount of data. The modern day technology has helped the world to insert the data in various sources because of the absolute requirement. Adic is one of the quality companies, which has taken help of the technology to product some of the top notch tape drives to suit for both domestic and commercial environments.

Why buy Adic Products?

Adic is one top manufacturers of tape drives in variety of models. Not many people are aware of the brand because of various reasons. But, most of the people prefer using a reputed company, which can offer them a good and quality product at less costs. Adic is in the market for a long time now because they have been offering some o the top quality products without affecting the quality and the performance. As the product has a huge amount of demand in the market, it is evident that they would be able to find consumers over a period of time.

Benefits of buying Adic Products

  • Top class products
  • Less costs
  • Round the clock support 

Brand: Adic Model: 96-5333-03

96-5333-03 Adic SC100 Scalar Power SupplyGENERALPOWER SUPPLY Warranty 90 days Part Number 96-5333-03 Power Supply Capacity 12V..
Sold by:

₹3,285 ₹3,650
Ex Tax:₹2,784
Brand: Adic Model: 3-00100-01

Adic magazine 6 Slot 3-00100-01 is the Refurbished and Tested Tape Spares. It has 30 days warranty...
Sold by:

₹7,965 ₹8,850
Ex Tax:₹6,750
Brand: Adic Model: RAS-2801P2

Adic Scalar 10K 400W Sunpower Power Supply RAS-2801P2 is the Refurbished and Tested Power Supply. Where it has 30 days warranty...
Sold by:

₹6,372 ₹7,080
Ex Tax:₹5,400
Brand: Adic Model: 96-5333-03

Refurbished :Adic Scalar 100 Library Power Supply 96-5333-03Condition : Refurbished, Used and TestedPart No: 96-5333-03..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹4,070
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