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3ware SAS Switch, PCI Express, RAID controller, SAS Internal, Cables Connectors

3ware SAS Switch, PCI Express, RAID controller, SAS Internal, Cables Connectors

There are plenty of manufactuerers across the world, who are known to produce quality goods in the IT sector. It is highly recommended for people to choose a reputed brand while buying products because it helps them to use it for a long time. 3ware has been in the market for a long time producing quality goods suitable for the consumer and the technology.

It is up to the user to figure out the exact part and the budget because it allows them to pick it in a quick span of time.

Why buy 3ware products?

Not every requirement can be fulfilled with top notch brands in the world like Dell, HP, Cisco and so on. It is a known fact that there are plenty of small and sensitive products, that requires a small brands to pitch in from time to time. 3ware comes into picture when you are looking for RAID controller and cables specially. 3ware has been a quality and reliable manufacturer for a long time and has sufised many consumers in an effective way.

Top 3 benefits of using 3ware products 

  • Quality products with warranty
  • Good and reasonable pricing
  • Easy availability.

Brand: 3ware Model: 9500S-4LP

3Ware 4 Port PCI-x SATA Raid Controller Card 9500S-4LP..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹8,103
Brand: 3ware Model: 700-0127-01

3Ware Escalade PCIe to IDE Raid Controller Card 700-0127-01..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹8,133
Brand: 3ware Model: 9590SE-8ML

3Ware AAMC 9590SE-8ML 3Gbps SATA II PCIe Raid Controller Card..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹4,403
Brand: 3ware Model: 9690SA-8I

3Ware 9690SA-8I PCIe SAS SATA Raid Controller Card..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹4,776
Brand: 3ware Model: 9650SE-16ML

3Ware 9650SE-16ML PCIe Internal 3Gbs SATA Raid Controller Card..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹36,042
Brand: 3ware Model: 700-0119-01 B

700-0119-01 B 3ware Pci-x 8 Port SATA Raid Controller CardWarranty    90 days Part Number    700-0119-01B Raid Card Number of Ports Present    2 Raid Card Interface    SATA Cache Memory Size    128MB..
Sold by:

Ex Tax:₹3,515
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