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0F430R Dell 160GB 7.2K Rpm 3.5inch SATA hard disk

0F430R Dell 160GB 7.2K Rpm 3.5inch SATA hard disk
0F430R Dell 160GB 7.2K Rpm 3.5inch SATA hard disk
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Warranty90 Days
Part Number0F430R
Hard Disk
Hard Disk InterfaceSATA
Hard Disk Form Factor3.5Inch
Hard Disk RPM7.2K
Hard Disk Speed3gbps
Hard Disk Capacity160GB

0F430R Dell 160GB 7.2K Rpm 3.5inch SATA hard disk

  • Warranty - 90 Days
  • Part Number - 0F430R
  • Hard Disk Interface - SATA
  • Hard Disk Form Factor - 3.5Inch
  • Hard Disk RPM - 7.2K
  • Hard Disk Speed - 3gbps
  • Hard Disk Capacity - 160GB

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