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Vibration/Tilt Sensor

Brand: Generic Model: Tilt Sensor Vibration

Tilt Sensor Vibration Alarm Vibration Switch Module for ArduinoFeatures-Ball Rolling type of tilt sensor.This small module is easy to use.A fixed bolt hole for easy installationWide voltage LM393 comparator..
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Brand: Generic Model: Tilt Switch Sensor Module For Arduino

Tilt Switch Sensor Module For ArduinoFeatures-This module is Small and Simple to use.Digital switch output (0 & 1)High sensitivityCompletes the circuit when the module is tiltedLED lights up when tilt switch is activated..
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Brand: Generic Model: SW-420

Vibration sensor module alarm Motion sensor module vibration switch SW-420Features-Using SW-420 normally closed type vibration sensor.Comparator output, clean signal, good waveform, strong driving ability, >15mA.Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator.With bolt holes for easy installation...
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Brand: Generic Model: Vibration Switch Module

Vibration Switch ModuleFeatures-No direction, any angle can trigger the work.Sensitivity switches can be selected for the trigger sensitivity according to circuit requirements.This switch is suitable for the trigger of the small current circuit...
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