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Brand: Cytron Model: LSA08

Advanced Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor LSA08Features:8 sensor pairs spaced 16mm.12V input powerOnboard Mode and Select button for instant configuration of LSA083 Different output mode (digital output port, UART output port, analog output port)LCD display unit showing 8 sensors analog value with bar c..
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Brand: Cytron Model: LSS05

Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor LSS05Line Following is an important application in robotics. It is being used in AGV and allows robots to navigate and perform tasks. If you use a normal Infrared transmitter and receiver, It will be very troublesome to calculate...
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Brand: Cytron Model: Cytron Maker Line

Cytron Maker Line: Simplifying Line Sensor For BeginnerFeatures:Operating Voltage: DC 3.3V and 5V compatible (With reverse polarity protection).Recommended Line Width: 13mm to 30mm.Selectable line color (light or dark).Sensing Distance (Height): 4mm to 40mm (Vcc = 5V, Black line on a white surf..
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Brand: Cytron Model: Maker Object Simplifying

Cytron Maker Object Simplifying Object Sensor for BeginnerOperating Voltage: 4.5V – 5.5VAdjustable Sensing RangeReverse polarity protection.Breadboard friendlyActive low outputNPN output with internal pull up..
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Brand: Cytron Model: Cytron Maker Reflect

Cytron Maker Reflect Simplifying IR Reflectance Sensor for BeginnerOperating Voltage: 3.3V and 5V CompatibleSensing Distance (Height): 1mm to 40mm (Vcc = 5V, Blackline on a white surface)Output: Analog Voltage (White surface = lower voltage)Features a tiny reflectance sensorThis sensor is used in li..
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