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Sun Blade 1500 1.062-GHz System Board 375-3128

Sun Blade 1500 1.062-GHz System Board 375-3128
Sun Blade 1500 1.062-GHz System Board 375-3128
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  • Model: 375-3128
  • SKU: 130IN6ZKFE0
  • MPN: 3753128
  • XSIN: 130IN6ZKFE0
  • Condition: Seller Refurbished
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Warranty90 Days
Part Number375-3128
ModelSun Blade 1500
Mother Board
Processor TypeN/A
Number of Processor Supported1
Number of RAM SupportedAs per OEM

Sun Blade 1500 1.062-GHz System Board 375-3128

  • Part Number :375-3128
  • Warranty : 90 Days
  • Condition' : Refurbished

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