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EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109

EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109
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EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109
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  • Model: 100-563-109
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Customer Questions And Answers

Warranty90 days
Part Number100-563-109
ModelEMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array
Disk Storage
Number of Hard Disk Supported24
Number of Hard Disk InsertedNo
Maximum Storage Capacity360TB
Disk Storage Form Factor3U
Inserted Hard Disk InterfaceSAS

Refurbished :

EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109

Condition : Refurbished, Used and Tested
Part # : 100-563-109

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Storage Disk Array

Disk Storage Array is an essential accessory or a component used in most commercial locations. As the name says, Array is a structure that gives an option to store various storage disks effectively. 

Storage Disk Array is a dedicated rack or an array that allows us to store multiple solid-state drives and hard disk drives. It is a known fact that there are plenty of organizations that would have a massive amount of data flowing on a day to day basis. It is highly recommended for users to check for organized storage to enjoy better access to the data at any given point of time.

The storage array is also known as a disk array, a highly used, implement a block-based storage system. Most of the organizations prefer using a file-based or an object-based storage system. A Disk Storage Array is a perfect solution to fulfill the requirements quickly.

Warranty Options

Every human being prefers using stuff without facing problems because it consumes time and effort. Most of the electronic IT devices and accessories are bound to provide problems from time to time. 

Some of the crucial IT devices demand regular service because of the sophisticated architecture. Few Heavy duty Disk Storage Array take up work in heavy-duty and require effective maintenance to enjoy the continuous performance.

Having a standard warranty either from the seller or the manufacturers helps him work in peace. Xfurbish offers a standard warranty on EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109 for 90 Days. Therefore, you have all the reasons to buy and enjoy the durability easily. We still request you to check the product's terms and conditions before buying because it helps you have full knowledge of warranty options.


Xfurbish believes in taking care of customer after-sales. We are known for the reputation of offering enough options to support mutual benefits. Our specialists are well trained and experienced to handle all possible queries for consumers about the product.

We handle complaints and queries at the quickest to avoid wasting time. This has made us work all in multiple locations to support consumers personally. Xfurbish is present in different cities across the world and takes care of your complaints and queries regarding issues related to both the technical and logistics of the EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109. 

Connect with Xfurbish by calling +91 86189 99057 / +91 7795374947 who are located in Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Telangana, Hyderabad Tripura, Agartala, Uttarakhand, Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow for any inquiries related to the product and the service.

Shipping Information across India

Shipping is a constraint for a few consumers who are located in remote parts of the country. Xfurbish works with some of the country's reputed couriers, who can deliver goods without damaging to everywhere.

We are located in multiple parts of the country. Being present in multiple locations has helped us reach out to consumers both for support options and to deliver without delay. 

Disk Storage Arrays need extreme care while relocating from one place to another place. Xfurbish takes care of the Disk Storage Array with high priority and delivers goods in a perfect condition to let you enjoy the functionality. 

We follow a stringent process to pack all goods with extreme care. Therefore, the possibility of damage rules out to a significant extent and arrives at your doorstep properly. We are well equipped to reach out with reputed courier service providers, which helps us track the package at any given point of time.

Why Buy Refurbished Products?

Refurbished products may not be an option for Indian consumers, but have gained much attraction in other countries. It is available for low costs and offers a similar kind of performance based on the requirement. 

Not everybody agrees, but few consumers prefer going only with refurbished EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109 for various reasons. The eco-Friendly factor comes into the picture when you are using refurbished products because it avoids electronic waste in the world.

There is no much difference found in refurbished products compared to new products apart from durability. The life of EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109 still says the same if you could maintain the product correctly. 

We follow a precise process to offer an extreme quality of refurbished products to let you use the product without hassles. Our team of experts is known to provide products with the utmost quality because it helps use the product for a long time.

Top benefits of using refurbished products over new products

  • Cost friendly

  • Easy to use

  • Low-cost maintenance

Why Buy Disk Storage Array from Xfurbish?

EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 Expansion Array 100-563-109 is a complex product that requires expert hands to handle and ship correctly. The setup is a combination of drives aligned in a series format to access the data effectively. The majority of the system comes with a capacity to store PB or petabytes of data. The central management system is highly used to take maximum mileage of the setup from time to time.

The system is configured or designed so that it could separate storage devices from servers because it helps them troubleshoot based on the necessity. It also allows users to build large and monolithic configurations for storage purposes.

Xfurbish has reputed sellers in the marketplace, qualified to offer products without compromising the quality. 

What is Xfurbish?

Xfurbish believes in recycling items to save the planet. We have been working on using recycled products without affecting the quality of work. 

Xfurbish is a marketplace that helps consumers to buy products from sellers directly. This not only helps sellers sell products but also allows buyers to purchase rare components at affordable prices. Xfurbish is in the market for a long time and has a list of reputed and trustworthy sellers. Therefore, it is safe to buy products without compromising on quality.

Our goal at Xfurbish is to ensure your complete satisfaction. That's why all of our refurbished Disk Storage Array and refurbished networking equipment are covered by India 90 days Warranty. The Warranty lets you rest, knowing that your product is protected when refurbished servers online, smart IT solutions with your business.

Benefits of buying from Xfurbish

  • Standard Warranty 

  • Trustworthy sellers

  • Reputed organization

  • Organized Marketplace

EMC Disk Storage Array Price List

BrandProduct NameConditionPriceAction
EMCDell EMC AX4-5i 2-ISCSI disk array with 4 x 300GB 3.5” SAS HDDRefurbished115000 Buy
EMCDell EMC Clariion AX4-5i 2-ISCSI disk storage array with 4 x 300GB 3.5” SAS HDDRefurbished109250 Buy
EMCDell EMC CX-4PDAE 15 slot Fibre Channel disk enclosureRefurbished17575 Buy
EMCCX-ATADAE-FD EMC 15 Bay hard disk Enclosure Cx-Ata 2GB 5047285Refurbished17575 Buy
EMC0W843N EMC 15-slot dae 4GB fc disk storage Array CHASSISRefurbished59185 Buy
EMC0FX984 EMC 2U disk Storage ArrayRefurbished17500 Buy
EMC0FX984 100-520-802 EMC AX4 2U disk Storage ArrayRefurbished414000 Buy
EMC100-564-069 EMC AX4-5 SAS-SATA dae-cobra disk StorageRefurbished17575 Buy
EMC100-562-104 EMC Clariion AX4-5 12 bay disk Storage ArrayRefurbished17575 Buy
EMCCX-2GDAE-70DE 0W4572 EMC KAE disk Storage EnclosureRefurbished17575 Buy
EMCKTN-STL4-0W843N EMC disk Storage Enclosure Chassis DAERefurbished17575 Buy
EMC900-566-004 100-562-178 EMC TRPE CX4-120 disk Storage Array ProcessorRefurbished310000 Buy
EMC110-140-104 BEMC VNX5100 disk Storage array Processor with 4GB ramRefurbished88778 Buy
EMC900-567-002 EMC VNX5300 Disk storage array Processor EnclosureRefurbished300000 Buy
EMCEMC VNX5300 disk storage SAE Expansion ArrayRefurbished92450 Buy
EMC100-563-109 EMC VNX5300DM VNX5300 disk storage Expansion ArrayRefurbished18000 Buy
EMC110-201-013B-02 EMC VNX5400 disk storage SP Processor 1.8ghz with 16GB RAMRefurbished435100 Buy
EMC100-542-153-01 EMC Vnxe3150 disk Storage Array SystemRefurbished18000 Buy
EMCDell EMC VNXe3200 Hybrid NAS StorageRefurbished288350 Buy
EMCEMC VNX5300 STPE15 25x600GB HDD Disk Storage Enclosure 900-567-002Refurbished241059 Buy