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EMC VNX 4 PORT 1Gb FC SLIC07 10GbE RJ45 I/O Module 100-582-958

EMC VNX 4 PORT 1Gb FC SLIC07 10GbE RJ45 I/O Module 100-582-958
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EMC VNX 4 PORT 1Gb FC SLIC07 10GbE RJ45 I/O Module 100-582-958
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Warranty90 days
Part Number100-582-958

EMC VNX 4Port 1Gb FC Slic07 10GbE RJ45 I/O Module 100-582-958

Condition : Refurbished, Used and Tested
Part No: 100-582-958

EMC VNX 4 Port 1GB FC Slic07 10 Gbe RJ45 I/O Module 100-582-958

Simple, scalable, and affordable

The VNX 4 port 1GB FC Slic07 10Gbe RJ45 I/O Module combine easy-to-use features with the scalability of advanced storage arrays. The EMC VNX FC Slic07 I/O module can support up to 64 hosts and up to 60 drives across four expansion enclosures to provide the headroom that will keep up with your data growth.

Flexible connectivity and tiered storage to meet your needs

The Dell EMC VNX FC Slic07 I/O Module enables organizations to choose a network interconnect that is right for their environment. Dell EMC VNX FC Slic07 I/O Module support cost-effective 1Gbit IP networks, while Fibre Channel arrays utilize high-performance 4Gbit connections. The Dell EMC VNX FC Slic07 I/O module can also easily mix 2.5” SAS drives for cost/GB and power consumption considerations, 3.5” SAS drives geared for performance with capacity and SATA drives that deliver cost-effective capacity. The VNX now supports 4 FC ports per controller, which enables more directly connected hosts, potentially eliminating the need for a FC switch.

Exceptional data availability and reliability The Dell EMC VNX FC Slic07 I/O module has inherited many of the advanced software capabilities that have been available on the more advanced Dell / EMC VNX arrays. Its controllers provide end-to-end data integrity as well as continuous background disk consistency checking

Ease-of-use for simple deployment and management

The Dell EMC VNX FC Slic07 I/O module comes with Navisphere Express, an intuitive user interface that simplifies installation and operation and allows users to allocate new capacity in seconds.

Optional advanced management and data replication software

The optional Navisphere Manager Suite can help meet the needs of growing and distributed organizations. Users can manage multiple Dell / EMC arrays from a single console. EMC SnapView offers point-in-time snapshots and fullvolume copies of critical data. For Fibre Channel models, EMC MirrorView  and SAN Copy enable data replication and migration between arrays.

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