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EMC APL1FS18 1000W Power Supply 078-000-062

EMC APL1FS18 1000W Power Supply 078-000-062
EMC APL1FS18 1000W Power Supply 078-000-062
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  • Model: 078-000-062
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Customer Questions And Answers

Warranty90 days
Part Number078-000-062
Power Supply
Power Supply Capacity1000W

EMC APL1FS18 1000W Power Supply 078-000-062


Product Description

Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 provides 490W capacity. Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 supports to the Dell EMC Storage. 

Best Price in Market


Xfurbish is the best when it comes to offering the best deals, offers, and prices for Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062. The Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 is available for the lowest possible market price from Xfurbish. Compare the Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 price with the other online vendors before the purchase, we assure the least would be on Xfurbish as we are the ideal consideration in terms of quality products with genuine pricing.

Super-Fast Delivery


We assure your Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 will be packed and shipped within the same day to your address as soon as the order is confirmed. We guarantee you that your package containing Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 will reach in a safe and secured condition within 3-5 business days, sealed with Xfurbish tape. The delivery option for Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 is available across India including the cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, etc. and also to any remotest locations.

Industry Best Warranty


The Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 comes along with the best warranty services for over a period of 90 days. Unlike our online competitors who offer for no more than 30 days warranty, we at Xfurbish are plugged up to provide an assured 90 warranty for Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062. In case of any issue or failures of the Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 within 10 days of purchase, you can claim for an immediate replacement and services would be provided for the Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 under the warranty period.

Remote and Onsite Assistance


We at Xfurbish provides installation support and technical support both online and remotely for Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062. Now you can install the Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 to your server or storage all by yourself without hiring for any technicians. You can contact our support team as soon as the Dell EMC APL1FS18 Power Supply 078-000-062 has reached to you and our support team will provide you with the entire process of installation in a step-by-step manner

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