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Dell QLogic 4Gb HBA Fibre Channel Adapter PCI-E Card

Dell QLogic 4Gb HBA Fibre Channel Adapter PCI-E Card
Dell QLogic 4Gb HBA Fibre Channel Adapter PCI-E Card
Estimated Date of Dispatch by Sun Mar 7 2021
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  • Model: PX2510401-13 B
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  • MPN: PX2510401-13 B
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  • Condition: Seller Refurbished

Customer Questions And Answers

Warranty90 days
Part NumberPX2510401-13 B
HBA Card Interface FC

Refurbished :

Dell QLogic 4Gb HBA Fibre Channel Adapter PCI-E Card

Condition : Refurbished, Used and Tested
Part No: PX2510401-13 B

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