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3ware Pci-x IDE Raid Controller Card 700-0119-01 B

3ware Pci-x IDE Raid Controller Card 700-0119-01 B
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3ware Pci-x IDE Raid Controller Card 700-0119-01 B
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  • Model: 700-0119-01 B
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Customer Questions And Answers

Warranty90 days
Part Number700-0119-01B
Raid Card
Number of Ports Present2
Raid Card InterfaceSATA
Cache Memory Size128MB

3ware Pci-x IDE Raid Controller Card 700-0119-01 B


Product Overview 

The 8 port Integrated drive electronics (IDE) RAID controllers support to connect the IDE or PATA Hard drives. It consists of eight PCI Express-based, 133 Mbps IDE RAID controllers:  Advanced RAID features for greater data protection and management. Support for RAID units greater than 2 terabytes with 64-bit LBA support.

Certified Refurbished 3ware PCi-x IDE 700-0119-01 B

Opt-out of using a new Raid Card and switch to cheap cost refurbished 3ware Pci-x IDE Raid card. 3ware Pci-x IDE Raid card 700-0119-01 B is built with superior technical process and genuine spares. Our expert engineers renovate the Refurbished 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B without any discrepancy to assure a reliable product.

Quick Free-Delivery of your 3ware PCi-x IDE 700-0119-01 B Anywhere in India

Assured free of cost delivery of 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B to your home or office location. We deliver Raid Card 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B across India and your 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B is delivered at your doorstep within 3-5 business days sealed in a safe package with the Xfurbish taping. We assure your package containing 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B is taken care of any transportation damages and delays. Experience satisfactory shopping of 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B with

Assured 90 days Warranty for 3ware PCi-x IDE 700-0119-01 B

The Refurbished 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B, is a high-quality server with a 3 months warranty. In case of any unexpected failures of 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B within 10 days, we replace your 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B by providing an instant free replacement. We offer you a genuine 90 days warranty for your refurbished 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B from the date of purchase which cover all support services excluding manhandling, burnt and physical damage. Warranty of 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B can be extended on additional charges. For assistance we provide, phone call support, part replacement, next business day onsite for repairs and mission-critical technical support 24/7 for the purchased 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B. We replace the genuine spare part of the 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B based on the availability across our multiple stores and offer an instant fix to any issues during the warranty period.

24/7 Tech Support for 3ware PCi-x IDE 700-0119-01 B

Our efficient Technical Support will help you with all the questions and query regarding the 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B or for any assistance from our expert team, you can get in touch with our highly knowledgeable tech support team via phone call, email or live chat on our website. Tech support is available round the clock, 24/7 for faster and effective issue resolution regarding your 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B. You can contact us with any queries or issues related to purchasing, performance, and installation of 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B. You can reach us via phone or live chat or email, and we assure immediate response for your 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B. We support your queries even after the warranty on the 3Ware Pci-x IDE 700-0119-01 B is expired.

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